Thursday, 19 January 2012


The last few weeks have been a tad fraught to say the least. So much going on. So much that's stressy or just tedious. Everyone seems grumpy and miserable in that Post Christmas/January Blues kind of way. I've deliberately been avoiding anything remotely toxic so I can deal with what I have to deal with right now and not have to deal with other peoples 'stuff'.  Yesterday was one of those days when I should have had time to regroup, but work 'stuff' got in the way.

Yesterday has been much better. I had a 6 month check up at the Hygienist and Dentists and not only do I not need further treatment, but the Hygienist was really pleased with me. For the first time ever there was not even the slightest sensitivity when I had the water jet clean thingy. I've never found it unbearable as I know many people do, but sometimes I'd get the odd twinge and think 'Glad this is over quickly!' When I commented to the hygienist about this she said it's because all the work with the tiny brushes has paid off. So not only do I not have to worry I need expensive dental treatment right now, but I get to feel smug about how I've been looking after my toothy pegs. Yay me!

My brother had given me a lift to the dentists because parking can be an issue and on the way home we stopped at MacDonald's to get my niece an after school treat. Seeing as I'd been so good I had a double cheese burger and large fries. When we got back to my brothers he wanted me to go and look at his computer again. Several hours later I'd got no further forward really - so told him he really needs to get the PC replaced.

So no more sewing today either. And it's looking unlikely tomorrow unless I get a second wind tomorrow night!

And seeing as I don't like blogging without a photo I'll leave you a picture of that sh*t  glory hole I told you about in my Nosey Parker post.  So anyone who thought I was maybe bigging up the messy state of this corner: I give you proof and anyone who's easily shocked and offended should look away....Now!

Glory Hole

Ok, well I never promised a big picture! 

The irony is this desk was originally put in for me to use my computer. Then I started a craft course (unfinished) and decided I'd be better of painting etc downstairs where there was a hard floor surface (no worry about spillage on carpets!) and I relocated my computer upstairs.  All the time my computer was there this area was super tidy and organised. Now it's just a Stuff collector.  I really should get it sorted once and for all. As I've not had expensive dentistry to pay out for I'm hoping I can buy a new sideboard for the dining room next month. It maybe that if I give the room a little make over it will be more enticing to use and easier to keep tidy and free of ...stuff.


  1. I LOVE your sh...glory hole! *grins* I'm really popping in to say YAY! for the tusks being in good nick! I think we "met" when you were having major teeth trouble and treatment, as was ma Chookie! Long may both your gobs be merry!

  2. Oh boo to energy vampire sucking days, hope you do get your second wind tomorrow. As for your glory hole, I suggest you don't look at my post later ;o)

  3. Sorry to hear you've been having a rough time of it, I hope the good tooth news is the start of lots of good things to come! And I love your corner of doom - I have a cupboard a bit like that!!

  4. Looks good to me and full of creative potential!

    Glad about the teeth - but want to see you get them into some sewing!


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