Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Winter Stitching Mid Winter Check In

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Well despite my sewing drought of the past couple of weeks I thought it was about time I blogged about something sewing related and as it's the midway point for the Winter Stitching, so an ideal time to see if the rest of my winter has been as unproductive!

1.) Make a goodie for Scrappy Swap. I'm thinking scrappy log cabin pincushion?
It was so long ago I really struggled to remember what I made - or much about the swap at all. But here it is the scrappy log cabin pin cushion.
Scrappy Pincushion

2.) Make a bag for the Goodie Bag Swap
I made three bags before I was happy I'd got the one my partner would like the best. This was it. Funnily enough the other two bags immediately shouted at me they were ideal for other people I knew so I got two Christmas presents sorted along the way!

The Nanette Tote

3.) Make a cushion for the Brit Pillow Fight Swap
Done - I think my partner liked it but she was quiet.  This was one item my Mum really loved and wanted so she was hoping my partner wouldn't like and would send it back so she could have it.

Pillow done! 

4.) Try some basic foundation paper piecing so I can master it well enough to do this lovely lovely pattern designed by Kerry.
I bought some freezer paper does that count as making a start?

5.) Make some of these yummy organiser baskets as per Ayumi's fab tutorial
I made one. I didn't make any more because this wasn't as rigid as I'd hoped so I need to work on that.

First Try at Storage basket 

6.) Make at least another 50 hexies for my Hex-A-Long Quilt which has been badly neglected.
Ok so I still have a way to go but I think I've made about 10 more? And every little helps!
More giant hexies!

7.) Make at least two more 2-4-1 totes for Christmas presents.
I didn't do this intentionally because I decided on other bag patterns. But I gave about 6 bags away as Christmas presents.

8.) Make some flannel/voile scarves for Christmas presents.
I think I made half a dozen of these.

Circle Scarves

9.) Make pincushions, mug rugs, fabric baskets and other small handmade gifts for Christmas presents
I didn't go down this route in the end. For people I was considering giving smaller items I opted for these Buttercup style bags.

Heirloom and Klona 365-316 13 November 2011 Another adapted Buttercup Bag

10.) Practice some FMQ as per the Friday FMQing thing that I said I'd get involved with and then haven't done so far!
Not even thought about this!
11.) Finish the table runner/cushion cover out of the Petit Poulet charm pack.
Umm put away before Christmas and not touched.

12.) Make another cushion cover or two for me!
Not done a thing about this.
13.)Quilt and Bind my Spring Greens Quilt.
Completely inspired by the Finish-A-Long I cracked on to get this finished! Here it is drip drying as I have no tumble drier.

Drying String Greens quilt

14.) Do some embroidery - maybe a decorative hoop or add more embellishment to other items
Still want to do this but haven't!
15.) Try out some bag patterns that aren't 2-4-1 totes!
As well as the bag I made for the Goodie Bag Swap and the Buttercup style bags for presents I also made another three different bags. If you click on any photo it should take you to my flickr stream which has pattern details!

Trying out Patterns Pleated Tote P1110242

Still with me? I know it was a long post, but it seems I've achieved quite a chunk of my winter stitching list. Still lots to do though!


  1. You've done loads!!! (I'm definitely lagging way behind...) Well done on lots of fantastic makes and good luck with the second half of your list!

  2. You did tons!! I'm in love with that green quilt, BTW - have you not shown that yet? Or have I missed it? I've been a bit MIA on the blog reading lately.

  3. I think you have done heaps, must make you feel great seeing it all in one post.

  4. blimey, thats amazing, you have made so many gorgeous things!

  5. I think you deserve your current break. Lots of lovely work!

  6. You have done very well. Especially for only being 1/2 way.

  7. You were seriously productive! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  8. I love all your bags,especially the last one.

  9. You are all sorts of productive- if I would ever get my stuff photographed you would see that you have been getting me into all sorts of trouble lately- my latest projects are all inspired by things you've shown... hopefully I will get them up next week!

  10. Wow Jan, you got so much done. Your bags are fab! And I just love that cushion cover! Thanks for linking up :-) Sarah x


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