Thursday, 2 February 2012

An actual post with fabric in it!!

Just because I haven't been doing any sewing doesn't mean I can't post about fabric/sewing type things does it?

I've tried to be really good and not buy fabric. However, this week I weakened because feeling a bit 'under the weather', shall we say, I decided I needed a treat.


The bright pink spot at the back is from It's a Hoot by Momo and is destined for the binding when I make mum an It's a Hoot Quilt. For the same reason, I bought the fabric next to it for the same quilt. I can't remember who the bee fabric is by, I just thought it was quirky and it even has some bee hives on it too. The Neptune was on sale and I thought my stash was lacking a bit of nautical theme fabric. So anchors on chains fits the bill a treat. I doubt the typewriter fabric will need much explanation to you all, I just thought it has a cute retro vibe to it and would be great for fussy cutting in a cushion say, or maybe my Mouthy Stitches partner might like me to use some in her pouch?


This birdie fabric is my haul from Susan, which I promised to show you last time.  See lots of lovely birdie fabric for when I do my birdie quilt!
And Susan also sent me this hand made card which is rather cheery.


Thanks again Susan!

I also pulled some fabric out to get a feel for how it would play together. I was inspired after a recent purchase from Sew Fresh Fabric turned up and the fabrics seemed to co-ordinate already!  So I swapped one design out for the same in a different colour way and added a few extras.


It maybe a bit autumnal for approaching spring and I'm not 100% sure what I want to make with it, but I'm thinking maybe a small quilt or table runner. Something simple.


In other, non sewing related news my new-to-me DSLR finally came back from the repair shop. I'd had it back less than 24 hours when I had my first photographic assignment - photographing a colleague for his website and then going to a site with him to photograph a solar panel installation. I had a nerve racking moment when I heard him say something about how I'd need to get on the roof to take some of the shots.  But in the end I decided ladders were not in my contract, stuck the camera on auto and gave him shooting instructions. It's strange because I can walk across the glass floor at the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth and it doesn't bother me in the slightest, but I dislike climbing any sort of ladder. This colleague and one of my bosses will go up ladders all the while, but both refuse to walk across the glass floor. Maybe I'm ok with heights and not ladders? Anyway, I'm not sure health wise I'd have felt stable climbing up a ladder at the moment and anyway it was cold enough on the ground, without climbing up on the roof of a house, on the top of a steep incline!

On the glass floor panel of the Spinnaker Tower
Me on the glass floor at the top of the Spinnaker Tower a few years ago

Yep, not bothered looking down either!


  1. Love your new fabrics! This morning I walked past a house that was being re-tiled and the bloke walked down the ladder tied to the roof as if it was a staircase, as calm as you like!

  2. Flipping heck I felt dizzy just looking at the photo of you on the glass floor! Nice fabric haul too :)

  3. Cool fabrics!
    Glad you got you camera back.
    I don't like tall ladders, heights, and swings on tree branches.

  4. oh lovely fabric....oh lovely camera!

  5. I love all the bird fabrics..... not sure I would look so calm stood on a plate of glass way up high! x

  6. Love glass floors, and OK on heights, although I did have an irrational freak out stuck on top of a 12' boulder whilst climbing once, not a ladder in sight!

    Love your purchases x

  7. Argh! That last photo should have had a warning on it!

    Anyway, great job on the fabric restocking :oD

  8. Love that typewriter fabric but then again how many fabrics don't I love? And heights - no way! Make sure all contracts stipulate that from now on ;-)

  9. You're one up on me - I can't cope with glass floors at all, or balconies, bridges, etc - even big road bridges make me feel all wobbly!!

    Have a good weekend.

    Pomona x

  10. Love the socks!! I went to the top of the twin towers - there was a glass floor just before the top. I don't like heights at all, but I did manage to stand on whilst feeling sick the whole time!
    Lovely fabrics too

  11. Oh that's a long way up! Gorgeous fabric haul you've got there. Hope they do the trick of brightening your day! Jxo

  12. Yikes, I prefer to keep my feet firmly on the ground! Love your new fabrics. So sorry to hear you're feeling poorly, I hope you get an appointment through ASAP and an understanding doctor too. Thinking of you.

  13. Give me a ladder any day! I can do it but I am not a big fan of heights! Love all of the fabric!


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