Saturday, 4 February 2012

An actual post with sewing in it!

Today I did some sewing! It's felt like it's been so long. And even though there are a few WIP's knocking around here, I really felt I wanted to make something small and achievable - not just add to more UFO's.  So inspired by those fabrics I pulled and showed you in the last post I made a table runner.

Yes folks it's very brown, in various shades and tones with a few other colours like orange and blue thrown in.

Some of you may not like it just because it's heavy on the brown. But I think some colours such as brown get a bad press. I have a theory that when most people that say they don't like brown* (*insert any colour you frequently hear people say they hate.) it's not really because they hate brown. It's because the majority of fabrics in that colour are, by contemporary standards, a bit old fashioned.  I have a theory this is why many people say they don't like peach, purple, pastels, batiks etc. It's because they are not in fashion at the moment and because the uber cool designers are not using them we fear, if we say we like them in certain circumstances, we'll find the next time we do a swap we'll get something circa 1985 and not in a cool retro way?! 

Anyway, the colour may distract you from errors in this: like the fact it's actually too long for my table when it's folded down, but not so long I can easily drape it over the edges. Or that the same numpty that didn't think to measure her table, also trimmed the ends and completely wonked them and didn't notice how bad, until she had - er- bound and finished the runner. And yeah before anyone thinks it out loud, a couple of the blocks are upside down compared to the others. But you know what? I really don't care because this is an item to be used, probably messed up and is not being gifted to someone or sent off in a swap. It's given me a sense of achievement today and if I was going to muck up some sewing, better it's a doesn't-really-matter table runner and not something more important, no?

The table runner was not the only 'brown' thing I made today, as I whipped up some cakes.

Chocolate cakes!

I must have been having a ditsy day because I started making the cakes and realised I was short of some ingredients and had to improvise: not only had I no cup cake cases, but I'd got hardly any of the standard size fairy cake cases. It meant I had to really load the paper cases with mixture, so a few have come out a bit mushroom shaped. It hasn't ruined the flavour because obviously I had to try a couple just to make sure!

I also have some very nice mail to show you! Kaelin aka The Plaid Scottie has an Etsy shop and I've been known to buy a few items when she has a destash. The great thing when people destash is you can buy stuff you'd procrastinated about and missed out on.  I'd really wanted to try some Country Fair fabrics as it's home decor weight. I'd been eyeing up a couple of the designs in the yellow and berry colour ways because I thought they might be good for bags/cushions. When I saw Kaelin had some in the blue I thought I'd stop dithering and get some.  This was just before Christmas and I got a message from Kaelin saying she was sorry she hadn't posted it and she hoped I wasn't waiting on anything to finish a project or something, because she was making me a little something and with Christmas looming she was a bit behind. It did me a favour because I figured I'd have time to use up some of my fabric stash so I could sneak this in my bulging drawers!  After Christmas when I fell of the fabric buying waggon in order to get fabric for the Over the Rainbow Charm Swap, I thought seeing as I was off the waggon, I could buy a layer cake of 'It's a Hoot' that Kaelin was destashing. (For those of you looking for where the layer cake is hidden in the picture, it's hidden in the drawers because this is the fabric mum liked A LOT when she saw a charm pack I'd bought and so I intend using the layer cake to make her a quilt and am keeping it out of sight for now!)  

DS goodness

The present Kaelin made for me was the cute little drawer string pouch. Kaelin also included some pretty fat quarters. 

So that's my Saturday and when I last looked out of the window it was snowing. Sigh. I really don't do snow or ice if I'm being perfectly honest. And at some point my wellies have gone AWOL. I have a habit of leaving them in the side porch and I wonder if someone has pinched them.  I may be at home doing a lot more sewing if this weather continues!


  1. Wow - a table runner and cakes in one day..... (I have just managed to sew half a small bag and thought I was doing well!) I actually like brown (although I'm whispering that because clearly it's the wrong thing to say around here)and I love the keys fabric. Glad you are back sewing again xxx

  2. Yay for some sewing! I love your table runner! I like brown and don't tell anyone, but I like peach too!
    Those cakes look great and I'm a bit jealous of the fabric :)

  3. I think I conceded the modern 'brown' thing, but I will NEVER like peach or batiks!!

    Your runner, cakes and blues look great - our snow is now rain :(

  4. Chocolate is the best brown!

  5. have a pj day! We have woken to lots of snow, so think I will be staying inside, although I do LOVE snow!
    Love your table runner and your cakes look yummy. Did you see Hadleys 'brown' post? She had some really hideous browns in there!

  6. Ooooh, I love the runner! Great fabrics and it looks kind of retro.

  7. Real live actual sewing?! *thud* ;o)

  8. The runner looks fab to me! So do the cakes!! And the fabric.

  9. The runner and cakes look lovely! Hope you find your wellies but if you don't you can stay inside and enjoy admiring your new fabric!

  10. I like the runner. I really like brown...
    Yummy cupcakes! We make some this last weekend too....


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