Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Birds & Being A Grown Up

I really don't know where the time has been going too. It feels like it should be at least Thursday and it's only Tuesday.  I was hoping the next time I blogged it would be to show of the cushion cover I blogged about here. I have still to assemble it although it is now hand quilted in Perle.  Life has kind of got in the way big time! As I mentioned in this post. Chief did make it down on Saturday Sunday at Stupid O'Clock.  We headed off to Otmoor and into the Chilterns, so that he could try out his newly repaired camera and lens (Yes, how unlucky that within less than a year both had developed some faults!). Anyway, I haven't taken my camera out much, so it was a chance for me to put it through its paces too.  I am still a bit frustrated by the quality of some of the shots. I keep having remind my self I'm a beginner at this DSLR malarkey. I still have to sort through everything I took but here are a few obvious favourites:

Long Tailed Tit on feeding station at Otmoor
Long Tailed Tit just departing the top of a feeding station

Fieldfare at Chalgrove
A Field Fare - one of the few that would stop still long enough to have it's picture taken.

Male Reed Bunting at Otmoor
A Male Reed Bunting

Red Kite at Tetsworth, Oxfordshire
A red kite - I was disappointed that my Kite pics didn't have more definition until Chief pointed out the Lens I was using was never going to give me that sort of definition at these ranges.

Before too long it was time for Chief and I to say our good byes and I was pretty exhausted due to the very late night and us cramming in as much as possible.  

Monday though I spent the evening being a grown up.  I was asked to see if I would like to fill a vacancy on our Parish Council. For those outside the UK the majority of  Parishes in England have local councils which consult on thing that go on in that Parish. Issues that effect the local community like road condition, parking, public spaces, public amenities, planning etc. Whilst the Parish council has limited powers, they do consult and work with the bodies that do, to act in the best interests of the Parish and community.  It has always felt to me like something that grown ups do. Not people like me. Councils probably need younger people (even younger than me) but it's the sort of thing you associate with older people, much older than me anyway!  The plan was I'd go along to the meeting - see what went on then consider joining. What actually happened was within minutes of the meeting the Chairman proposed me, someone seconded the co-option and I became a parish councillor!

Reading matter.
Some of the stuff I need to read and forms regarding declarations of interest. 

Today, is Shrove Tuesday so I did the pancake thing. Not my best ever pancakes and not eaten with anything more exciting than sugar and lemon.  

Shrove Tuesday
Pancake cooking.

So the bad news is no more sewing since my last post. The good news is I've thought of a give away for you all. So hopefully it won't be too long until I can blog about that!


  1. Red Kites are amazing aren't they? They always seem so majestic and "King of the Jungle"-y if that makes sense? The grown ups of the bird world indeed!

  2. Oh wow, that's seriously gown up :oD

    BTW, what DSLR do you have?

  3. Stunning pics J, and I'm even more impressed you know the names of those birds. We had pancakes tonight too - imagine making enough for 5 people - takes ages on 1 frying pan!!!

  4. It's been dawning on me recently that I'm a grown up now, and I'm not all that happy about it. Being a Parish Councillor sounds terrifyingly grown up! Good on you though!
    Your photos look great to me :)

  5. Great pics again! Do we have to call you m'lady or something like that now then? ;)

  6. Great photos Janet...... oooo as parish councillor you can have your say about the parking, bus routes, pot holes and the far-too-large house extensions...... go for it girl x

  7. My husband and youngest son went to Reading today and saw several kites!

  8. well I like the quality of your pictures...for some reason the picture of the tit sent the mission impossible theme through my head!!
    WOW!! A Parish Counellor! Got my planning permission ready to submit!! lol

  9. Parish councillor! You are so much more grown up than me.

  10. Very grown up!! Love your bird photos - stunning, especially the one of the long tailed tit!

  11. Wonderful bird shots! It looks to me like you are learning tons about your camera. That first picture is very cool!
    I saw a bald eagle in flight for the first time ever, two nights ago on the way home from work. Flew right over my car. Amazing.
    That sound like a very grown up position. Not sure I'll ever be that grown up!

  12. Love the long tailed tit - one of my favourite birds along with nuthatches, treecreepers and wrens!

    Not sure you can give away your role as parish councillor though....hehe!


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