Thursday, 9 February 2012

A box of delights

I had another one of my 'turns' yesterday. I suspected one was coming on towards the end of the previous day. I just hoped I was wrong.  Anyway, by the time I surfaced from my pit it was almost bed time. In fact I've developed a liking for nightwear. I figure if I'm going to spend so much time in bed I may as well have something cosy to wear and not the pj's I've kept 'just-in-case-I'm-ill' and that actually I suspect might make anyone who saw them, feel ill. Up until recently I was always an au naturel girl in the bedroom department so any top tips about where you get the cutest pj's from will be gratefully appreciated.

When I did surface I did watch a bit of the football. I'm not into watching sport on TV. Probably because most of the time the TV is on I'm also doing other stuff like sewing or sorting or using my laptop. With most sports you have to watch and concentrate or you can't follow what's going on. As I hadn't had the computer on at all yesterday and didn't feel up to much, I could just about manage lying in the dark, watching the FA Cup rematch between Sunderland and Middlesbrough, with the sound turned down low. I wouldn't have bothered, but Mum wanted to watch it and Chief was actually at the match.  I couldn't spot him.  He was apparently sat in the front row opposite the players tunnel. It sort of felt a little strange and at the same time comforting, that he was probably in my living room for a few hours, even though he was at the other end of the country.

F A Cup replay

Today when I returned home from work I found a parcel had been delivered to me and what a box of delights it turned out to be.  Can you remember when I won this give away over on Sarah's blog? Well I was a bit concerned that my prize had got lost and that Sarah would think I was a rude sewing madam that couldn't be bothered to say: Ta very muchly.  Then I had an email from Sarah saying my prize was on it's way after some posting difficulties and well life gets in the way sometimes doesn't it?  

I guess I was expecting a few random scraps. So when I opened the box to this I was a tad aghast.


And even more so when I had chance to inspect the wonderful contents!

Look at these gorgeous Japanese fabric charms. I'm loving the quirky cuteness of these.

Then there was this little lot!

Gorgeous scraps and some mighty large ones at that. Loving the Summersault and spot the Echino and Ruby Star!!

A beautiful card and gorgeous Echino bookmark which was in use about 20 seconds after this picture was taken.

So how's that for a box of delights then? Thanks very much Sarah! Today has been a much better day.


  1. Love what you said about Chief being in your sitting room while at the football.

    The White Company have some nice stuff

    Hope you`re feeling brighter soon.

  2. I hope you are feeling better! And I am sure that box of fabric goodness cheered you up too! Happy PJ shopping!

  3. Oh poor you :( hope you feel a lot better soon.
    Boden do nice PJs and it's boring but I like M&S PJ bottoms with a strappy vest top (what I'm wearing right now)

  4. Love your present from Sarah! And Chief must have been sitting in the same stand as my dad (who's a little hoarse today!) - such a pity we didn't win! Hope you feel better soon! I like M&S jama bottoms with a long sleeved jersey top (sometimes from their nightwear section, more often from their sale!) - feels less like jamas and more like joggers and a top! Hope you feel better soon xx

  5. Boo to having more turns. I get my fun jammies in Primark! So warm and comfy and cheap!!!

    Lovely prize though :o)

  6. Great box of delights..... fab huge scraps. I got some cosy jamas from Gap in the sale - only £11 and warm and toasty x

  7. wow! that was a box worth getting xx have fun with the fabrics xx

  8. What lovely goodies! I should have read your blog before replying to your comment on mine. Sorry to hear you've had another turn. Hope you feel a bit brighter soon :) x

  9. Yummy fabrics J! That's just what the Dr. ordered! Hope you feel better today! Jxo

  10. I'm glad that you have had a better day - what a lovely parcel to receive!

    I make pyjama bottoms from a very simple pattern and wear them with old T shirts not fit to be seen outside any more! I was also given some CK PJ bottoms at Christmas which are nice.

    Pomona x

  11. What a nice time to get such a fun box!
    Really hope you feel better and they figure things out for you!

  12. Poor you having another rough day. I hope your weekend is better for you. Looking at and stroking fabric is very therapeutic I find. :) I bought two pairs of cozy pj's from Monsoon in the sale. Very nice for snuggling up on the bed or sofa in.

  13. Sorry you've had another turn. Hope that wonderful box of goodies got a smile back on your face though.

  14. sorry you are still not feeling better. What a fantastic load of scraps to help cheer you up.
    I dont really do pjs as wearing the bottoms in bed makes my eczema even worse: but I do wear a long sleeve thermal top!

  15. Sorry to hear you've been poorly again Jan :-) but what a lovely parcel of goodies to receive & cheer you up :-)
    I tend toward ' au naturel' meself but must say Primark's cheapo plonko flannelette jimjam's are r ather good for flouncing around in ;-)


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