Saturday, 11 February 2012

Highlights of My Day So Far

I thought it might be fun to show you some pictures of the highlights of my day so far. I say highlights because I figure you didn't want me take pictures of me soaking my shower head in vinegar to remove lime scale or doing a pile of ironing?

When I got back from a trip to the supermarket this morning I took my new camera out into the garden to do a bit more practising.  I have so much to learn! I also can't see very well on the screen what I've taken, so I really do have to wait until they're on the computer to evaluate. These are some of my favourites.

House Sparrows enjoying a bath in the gutters

Frosty fence topping

Blue tit amongst the catkins

Long tailed tit on the feeder

Ice on the summer house.

 Then I had a late breakfast. Waffles, fresh fruit (drizzled in maple syrup) and a mug of hot chocolate.

Late breakfast

After this it was time to crack on with my Mouthy Stitches pouch. I do hope my partner likes it. I'm not going to say if she's commented or not on the scant sneak peeks I've shown so far. I have found it hard to really gauge fully her tastes. Which may just mean I'm rubbish at reading between the lines.

Ok close up it looks more rubbish than if I showed the whole thing which I am not going to!

I broke off to go and make myself lunch.

Greek style Salad with some crusty bread.

 Then I finished off the pouch. I'm kind of worried now one side needed some extra detailing, but that's going to be hard to rectify now I've finished the pouch.

This doesn't give much away!

I tried a new way of doing the ends based on how I put zips in things like cushions and I'm really pleased with the results.


Just need to go and pull some scraps. I wonder what my partner would really like or really loathe?

After this I did a few chores and watched You've Got Mail for what felt like the 99th time and kept wishing that I lived in place just like Kathy Kelly/Meg Ryan's apartment in the film.

So that's pretty much been my day so far. How was yours?


  1. I love your photo of the frosty fence railing! I am sure your partner will love their zipper pouch! The car and puppy look really cute ! And you eat yummy breakfasts too!

  2. looks as if the practice is paying off ...with the camera and the sewing xx

  3. ha ha, I always watch films like that and want to live in those apartments too. Just finished watching Chalet Girl and definitely want to live there!!
    Your pouch sneak peak is looking great and your photos are fabulous, especially the birds

  4. Love your photos, particularly the frosty railing! And the pouch sneak peeks are lovely - especially the dog!!

  5. You've Got Mail is one of my all time favs!! I wish you would show us all of your pouch - you're teasing us! Jxo

  6. The pouch looks intriguingly great!
    Loved your day - ours involved shopping for a car (don't ask!) and fixing the boiler - not what I had planned for the weekend!

  7. Love the house sparrows, the Greek salad and the amazingly perfect zip ends!

  8. Wow, busy day! I love that first bird photo! I also watched You've got mail for the 99th time today :) Got to love a chick flick!

  9. Glad you've been having fun with your camera, and looks like some yummy food! I've been watching all sorts of things I recorded this week, whilst cutting and sewing.

    Looking forward to seeing the finished pouch - hey, I'm not in the swap, can I see? :oD

  10. How was my day? Positively dishwater compared to your pics!! (I watched Chalet Girl like Catherine :-) not bad)

  11. Love the sparrows in the first shot - so lovely! I think your pouch looks great, I haven't tried the thread stitching yet but yours looks so fun I might have to give it a go :-)

  12. Wow the first bird shot is so fantastic! Love the peeks at the pouch it looks like a fun one.

  13. You have taken some fab photos, I love the first bird in flight, and the icicles (not sure I have spelt that right). The zip ends are great, but I knew they would be because I enjoy your fab zip ends on a daily basis on the pencil case you sent me!!! x

  14. Love your breakfast and lunch, now I'm starving.
    The photo of the sparrows is fantastic.
    I wish I'd looked at your frosty photos earlier it might have made me feel cooler today.
    Very intrigued by the glimpses of your pouch.

  15. My son just described your breakfast as mud pie and strawberries?! Great photos and still lovin` the pouch.

  16. You have me intrigued with that there pouch! Great way to start the day with such a yummy breakfast and love the photos - long tailed tits are so funny to watch! One of my favourite birds!

  17. What a fun way to share your day! Your practice photos are very good and the pouch looks like great fun. If your partner doesn't like it, send it my way! ha ha


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