Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Marvellous Mouthy Stitches

Having been suffering from a touch of swap fatigue I was tempted to sit out all swaps - however fun they looked. But when Cindy, Hadley and Susan got together to create Mouthy Stitches my resolve went out the window in oh about 2 seconds flat!

Today I received my pouch from the lovely Ceri who blogs here at Inspired by Felix.

OOoh what's inside?

O.M.G - is this really for me?

I'd seen this pouch come up in the photo pool and read the blog post about it here and was secretly willing it to me because it looked absolutely perfect for going away on tripettes.

Lovely lovey scraps - and some of those goldfish I've wanted forever! I'm really stupid because I've just realised I've covered over a lovely screen printed 'J' that Ceri sent me. Blast it! I'll have to retake a picture for next time!

Isn't it lovely? I've already started putting toiletries in the bag ready for my trips.  I like to leave a wash bag ready to go, so I don't suddenly get the offer of a night away and find I pack in so much of a hurry, I forget something important. So thank you so very much Ceri!

I have to say the timing of this package arriving couldn't be better. No, not because of an imminent trip away for me, sadly.  I'm dangerously close to having a little pity party right now. Not only do I have all these 'funny turns' to deal with (although thankfully now I have a hospital appointment through for May.) which I'm sure are making me more tired and jaded than normal. But I have ongoing car trouble and so does Chief. Chief's car trouble means he is unlikely to get down to see me before he goes abroad.  I'm hoping he's not away too long because right now I feel like I want to see him more not less. Of course I am already one up on Chief in as much as when he goes away he won't have such a lovely wash bag in his kit ;-)

Edited to add: If you're looking for my give away go here - I'm loving the answers you're coming up with. I don't want to give too much away, but lets say I think one of you has been round my house having a sneaky peek in that box!


  1. It's me! I've squeezed through your letterbox!!

    Love your pouch - it makes a perfect wash bag!

    Sorry you're not feeling good for all sorts of reasons - I hope they all work out ok x

  2. Lucky you, that pouch is amazing! Glad it cheered you up too.

  3. So glad you got a beautiful pouch to make up a teeny bit for the other crappy stuff :(

    I bet it was Reene, she's sneaky like that!

  4. Oooh, fabulous package there, enjoy!

    Sorry about the ongoing turns though, hope the hospital can help, and really sorry about the car catastrophe conspiracy :o(

  5. That pouch is very lovely!

    I'm sorry that you both are having car trouble along with your health stuff. Glad you have an appointment to check into it more. You're in my thoughts.

  6. Oh you got a really fab pouch there from C! Lucky Duck! So glad it cheered you up a bit too! Hang in there, spring is coming! Jxo

  7. Not surprised you need cheering up - hopefully that lovely pouch went some of the way.x
    And by now you will know you have won another wee giveaway, well done.

  8. Oh wow I want to steal that pouch! I don't have anytime for sewing at the moment or I would have to make myself one!!
    Sorry things aren't going great hope they get better!

  9. Eeekk! Lucky girl, lucky girl! What a fab score!

  10. A Tripette Bag! Wonderful! Hope you feel betterer soon :-)


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