Saturday, 25 February 2012

Saturday Stuff!

I do like these spring like days with lots of blue sky, sunshine and warmth in the air.  Day's when it feels like anything is possible. It's Mum's birthday tomorrow and I did offer to take her out today. Only she said she'd had a busy week and would rather do stuff at home.  So she spent some time in the garden and I cleaned out the bathroom cabinet. I was ruthless. I do not need to keep toiletries that are well past their best and not about to be used (or the dregs of a bottle of dettol that should have been used by 2003!).

Before lunch I did squeeze in time to sort out scraps to send to my partner in the Mouthy Stitches Swap. This is what I've pulled so far and hope she likes what she sees?!


Then I made lunch - something with a summery feel to enhance that feeling that summer really is close by!

I was too lazy to prepare the Moroccan style Red Salad from Scratch, so we'll ignore the green bits of pepper. I was even too lazy hungry to pick those out of the mixed jar of peppers!

After that I headed out for a walk to deliver a birthday card. I decided that I'd walk down the field behind my house to get to the recipient's house and take my camera with me.  I didn't take too many pictures.

More of the village from the field.

Red Hill - this mound of a hill is said to be what inspired Tolkein when he wrote The Hobbit. Although lots of areas apparently claim the same thing. 

I then found  that despite the house where the birthday lady lives (I can hardly call her a girl when she's about to have her 80th birthday!) having at least 4 obvious doors, there was no letter box in any of them and no sign of where her mail goes. So I ended up taking the birthday card for a walk and will have to trust it to Royal Mail, as I'm sure they know where her mail receptacle is!

When I got home I caught up on some blog reading and saw this great tutorial by Judith.  I've been very slack in making any of Bee Blessed Blocks. Not pure laziness, but the fear my stuff won't measure up. It's why I've never been brave enough to join a Bee. Oh. The. Pressure. This block looked fun though and I'd not really done any of this improv piecing before, so it was a chance to try something new. I so didn't want to mess up because it's bad enough that life hasn't been so great for people so far, without them being given a quilt, only to find that someone making a block for it has the sewing skill of a blindfolded six year old! I figure though, if Judith receives the block and it's really not up to scratch then she can, ahem, accidentally-on -purpose knock it off of the sewing table into the rag recycling bag...

Once I'd made the centre improv bit, I rewarded myself with a slice of Chocolate Tart I found had accidentally thrown itself into my shopping basket in Waitrose yesterday. ::wink:: ::wink::

I think my girl has her arms outstretched ready for a great big hug! Oh and the chocolate tart was only put on the cutting mat for the photo. I removed it well away to eat so there are no chocolate smears on this girlie!

I spent ages with my scraps picking out some lovely ones for the border, but before I could get on with that I got distracted by other stuff like Chief on the phone suggesting a Back Gammon match before he went to bed. He had a very late night thanks to being on duty and a couple of incidents. 

Tomorrow it's a day of celebrations for Mum's birthday. But I'm hoping it will be give away day here!


  1. Chocolate smears on a girl would actually be kind of appropriate. It looks yummy.

    Your home is beautiful.

  2. You live in a lovely area.
    I hope your mum has a good day tomorrow and I am sure the sun will be shining.

  3. Aww, your girl looks fab, your skills are much better than you give yourself credit for. I'd love all those scraps too :oD

    Happy birthday to your mum for tomorrow :o)

  4. Love the girlie - I might have to throw myself into Waitrose tomorrow!

    Greta scraps, photos and lunch x

  5. Your scraps for the Mouthy Stitches are great! I love the typewriter fabric especially! And the keys! I hope Mum has a happy and sunny birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday Mum! Great scraps - I'd love them! Cute little girl - I said to Judith I'd make a wee Scottish one - hope it's not difficult!

  7. Oh I love your Pippi! I think her arms our outstretched waiting for a bit of that gorgeous cake! No chance of her going in the bin! Glad you had a good day. Hope today is just as good. Happy birthday J's mum! Jxo

  8. Yeah you had a go at Pippi..... she's so much fun to make isn't she?

    Happy birthday to your Mum x

  9. Heh, that's a very funky 70's girlie! You give yourself such a hard time over your skills, lassie, you really shouldn't! I need my tea now, after seeing your lunch. Huuuuungry...

    P.S. Hope you're feeling a bit better?

  10. Seem to have missed a lot of your posts Jan, bloomin' reader thingy.
    Must try that dolly block. And need to tell you this too -

  11. Love your girl! Happy birthday to your mam (just sneaked in before it was too late!). The chocolate tart looks delicious, wish we had Waitrose up here...52 miles is too far to travel!!

  12. You live in such a pretty place!
    Your block is really cute!


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