Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sunday, Snow and Sewing

Went to bed Saturday night and it had started to snow. By the time I got up and dressed this morning it was white on the ground, but no pretty snow coating on trees and shrubs and a definite thaw under way. So I took out my new-to-me camera and decided to put it through it's paces. Chief has been really helpful with advice as he's a stage or three further on than me and about to do a year long photography course. I'm hoping I'll reap the benefits with him passing his knowledge on!  At the moment I'm frustrated that I don't know enough about the manual settings to achieve the image ideas I have in my head. I guess it's a good sign as I don't like the Auto buttons on this camera and find myself switching to the 'creative' modes so I have more influence over things like white balance, ISO etc.

The tiniest amount of snow and the robins come out and pose.


If I knew what I was doing in this second robin shot, the robin would be brighter and more defined. I do however, like this shot because the camera is telling a big fat lie and making you think the robin is on a branch with a snow topped field in the background that seems to stretch on forever. In reality this was not the case. The background was a bit snowy, but it was some vertical snow over a tin roof. Chief says I go for the arty creative shots, I suspect he may be right. 

When I'd done things like clear the path of snow and drag the rubbish bins out. I went inside to warm up my freezing cold toes and started work on my Mouthy Stitches swap item.  It's been made in my head for some while. However, the rules of the swap say it has to actually be made in the real world because no partner we know of is telepathic and able to download the made item from my head to the their hands. 

Fabric pull

I started pulling fabrics in red, white and blue. That'll teach me to have 'The King's Speech' on in the background!  I've got a lot of ideas for my partner and you may or may not be seeing something that ends up in the actual pouch. So I'll leave you with this sneaky peek. It looks significantly less inspiring close up as it does viewed from a distance. Ho hum that might be the story of my sewing life...

ideas for Mouthy Stitches


  1. I like the photos! Very impressed with the trick snow!

  2. Heh, gotta use that trick snow while you can!

  3. No ho hum about that sneak peek! Looking good!

  4. Love the robin photos and the sneak peek of the pouch looks wonderful!

  5. I love your robin photos - they are my favourite birds. I am hopeless with the manual settings on my camera - I just stick to the auto and hope for the best!

    Pomona x

  6. No it doesn't - it looks fantastic! Can't wait to see it full on.
    Very clever trick with the robin: I still can't see it even after you told us!

  7. Lovely photos!
    The sneak peek is awesome! Can't wait to see it done.


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