Thursday, 16 February 2012

Sweet Melody (Miller of course)

I am not sure where the week has gone too. I don't seem to have found time for sewing and I can't even blame the half term for it as I have no kids!

Monday night I got together with a friend. It was third time lucky as I'd had to cancel previously due to one of my 'funny turns' and then Mel had had to cancel due to the weather the second time.  It meant a delay in my getting a birthday present. I like late presents. It extends the fun just a little bit longer.

Last Birthday Present of the Year 
The body wash has sparkly glitter in it. 

 We went out to a local pub for a couple of courses of Thai food which we decided to share, so we could try different things. I should have learnt my lesson last time and we should have foregone starters. The portion size is far too big to be having starters and mains and as a result I went to bed feeling so stuffed and woke up at 2am feeling really REALLY blurgh from self inflicted over eating. I vowed I'd never eat Thai food again...I think I may have said that the last time too!  ::wink:: ::wink::

Tuesday, was Valentines day.  Chief didn't sign his card to me, but there were a few clues:

Hmm Eiffel Tower

I didn't get out on Sunday to post a card to Chief so did it on my way to work (8am ish) on Monday. In fact I posted two cards to him at the same time and in the same post box. Both had first class stamps. One turned up yesterday (a day late) and one turned up today...two days late. I'm not sure how that is logistically possible given they both took the same route at the same time.  Chief had hoped to get down only he's got another bug laying him low. So fingers crossed not too long until he's up and travel ready!

Today, in a token attempt to get at least a bit of sewing done. I pulled some fabrics together for a cushion I thought I'd make for myself:

Possible project.

I loved the Melody Miller fabric with the typewriters on it since I first saw it and even though a panel wasn't the cheapest you could get, I couldn't resist.  I've been pulling some other fabrics that I thought might play nicely with it.  I may be back next time with a cushion to show's hoping!

Edited to say - Blogger appears to have changed it's word verification process and as a result I am finding it impossible to comment on some blogs as the word verification is not showing up. You know sometimes when a photo won't load on a blog or flickr you get a funny page icon with red and blue dots in it? Well that's what I'm getting and of course if I can't see the word verification I can't enter it and therefore can't comment :-(

Is anyone else having problems?


  1. Oh that is going to be a wonderful cushion!

    You can borrow my kids - they enforce computer time, as you will be driven into the only quiet corner in the house whilst they reek havoc!

  2. You can start a creche and have all our kids! This new word verification sucks. Unfortunately I can see it and it sucks.

  3. Yummy meals with friends are the best! I thought you were going to say that the card was a clue and you were being whisked away to Paris for the weekend!

  4. Oh, I wondered why it was asking me to type a word I totally couldn't read when I tried to comment on someones blog just now! Loving your cushion colours (that typewriter is one of my faves of the moment!) can't wait to see what you do with those fabrics x

  5. Heh, that card may have been a bit of a clue ;o)

    As for the word verification, it was obviously designed by someone that wasn't dyslexic - ugh!

  6. love those fabrics, cushion will look amazing. Don;t like the new word verification either. I did have a problem a few weeks back, where I couldn't leave a comments on certain blogs: very annoying

  7. Your cushion is going to be lovely!
    I often have trouble leaving comments, and I don't like the new verification either!

  8. Can't wait to see your cushion! And I hate the new word verification - I can see it properly but can't read it...

  9. What a fantastic combination of fabrics! Can't wait to see how this little project turns out:)


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