Friday, 17 February 2012

Two good and two bad.

I have car trouble!!!

I got in my car to come home from work and when it started the car was juddering and vibrating like no tomorrow.  It felt like my little Nissan Micra had turned into a dumper. I knew my brother had borrowed it because of the changed seat position.  I gave my Mum and lift home and she said my brother had taken her shopping and although the car had been fine on the way to the supermarket, when he tried to start it to come home it took three attempts for it to start and was doing the juddering thing.  When I pulled up outside my house it stalled.

I phoned the garage I bought it from. Explained the situation, explained the service was due and could I book the car in. You'd think it was easy wouldn't you? Only they couldn't do the service at all next week. I asked if it was OK to drive because I don't fancy a car that's vibrating like I'm in a washing machine and cutting out and I wanted to know if it was safe to drive. They said bring the car over and just leave it with us and they might be able to look at it, but not do the service. I said, OK my brother would bring it in, but could I book a courtesy car because the garage is on a motor retail park in the middle of the countryside with miles to proper civilisation in easy walking distance. They said yeah no problem they could give us a courtesy car on Friday of next week! I said well that's no good because I'll be without a car all week and if you don't get chance to look at it on Friday then I'll have to wait into the next week.  In the end I agreed they would book a slot to look at it while my brother waited and they'd be able to either sort the problem or advise whether it was OK to drive (Given it will be driven over there I'm not sure finding out whether it's OK to drive after a drive across the county is very comforting!). I can't really take it to another garage because the car is still under warranty and I don't want to do anything to make claiming on that warranty difficult if I need to.

If this wasn't bad enough Chief phoned and said he'd been trying to get out working tonight to get down, but that wasn't going to happen and it might not happen at the weekend either. Given he might now being abroad   at the beginning of March, it might mean I don't see him for quite a while if he can't get down on Sunday.

So the working week has had a very stressy end.  There were two nice things that happened though. So I'll focus on those. First off I pieced together the cushion top from fabric I showed you here.

366-48 February 17 2012
Melody Miller, Sweetwater, Tula Pink etc in shades of beige, teal, white and green

I sort of made it up as I went along and now I wish I'd added some intentional wonk and maybe cut the pieces out before. Having said that looking at it in the photo it looks better than looking straight at it on the floor. I'll quilt it tomorrow and then assemble it and see how things look then. Well it's not like I'll be going anywhere in my car!

Oh and if you're wondering what the second good thing was - I won £25 on the Premium Bonds. 


  1. Stuffing the cushion cover with an insert will give it wonk and it is gorgeous so I think you will be happy with the end result. And bugger, bugger, bugger about the car. Hope they get it sorted and so glad to hear it is still under warranty. Shame about the Chief!

  2. This will be a lovely cushion! Go spend that money to make it all feel better! Jxo

  3. Hurrah for cushions and Premium Bonds; Boo hiss for cars and work schedules xxx

  4. Aww, sorry about the shite end to the week, but the cushion cover looks great, and yay for winnings

  5. Lovely cushion cover, and premium bonds are the best sort of savings (gotta love a gamble!)...sorry about the downers though, here's wishing you a "nice surprise" weekend :) x

  6. I hate the expense of cars, hope you get yours sorted out quick and easy. Sorry your weekend plans have gone belly up - as Judith says: spend your winnings!
    Love the cushion

  7. Love the cushion cover - the fabric is wonderful! I hope your car gets better soon (my Micra is sending it get well wishes!) and that you have more good news this weekend - a lottery win perhaps?!!

  8. I hate car trouble.

    I love your cushion.

    Won money is fabric money!

  9. Oh that stinks. I am glad it's under warranty! I hope it's a quick fix.
    I hope the Chief won't be gone too long.
    I really like the cushion cover! Wonkiness could have added something but I think it's pretty that way it is. Maybe if you don't like it add a little embroidery embellishment? Like satin stitch the heart? Just an idea! :)


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