Sunday, 4 March 2012

And the contents of the box are....Winner Announced

So did you guess correctly what was in the box? The first person that did was Hadley. In fact she was so on the money I am convinced when I'm at work she sneaked into my house and had a peek in the box.

Ignore the elastic that's not relevant. If anyone would have said a view finder and elastic I'd have probably just given them the prize ;-)

When I first saw that Melody Miller print I really wanted to get some when it was released. I got all excited because I knew I still had my view finder and reels - most of which were Mum's and most of which are of places where she travelled to.

Most of these reels are from the 1960's when Mum got to do quite a bit of travelling with an Australian friend. Sadly she never made it to Australia with her, so must have made do with the view finder reel instead!

I'm not sure what happened to Mum's ViewMaster - this is mine the test reel that came with it has an image of Buck Rogers amongst others!

A view master view finder reel for Annie - I think I was given this a present. 

 Then when I went to look for it, I had a horrible remembrance of a conversation I'd had with Mum. The one where I told her (during a mass decluttering) to give the shoe box full full or reels and view finder to my niece. I say horrible because my niece is blessed to have parents and extended family that can get her pretty much whatever she wants. She is not a spoilt brat, I hasten to add. However, her parents and in turn her, often view stuff I would call treasure as 'junk'. All of a sudden I felt like I didn't deserve any of that view finder fabric. I felt this even more so when I went into her bedroom and found a view finder reel sticking out from under the bed. I picked it up and was about to give her a hard time about it when I realised it was something that had been given away somewhere like MacDonald's. I asked her if she had my view finder and reels and she said she wasn't sure. Her best answer was: 'Um they might be in the loft' (which is a euphemism for 'My Dad probably threw them out.') Then she added, 'Or maybe my dad threw them out.'

So imagine my joy a few weeks back when I was helping mum declutter her room - she has a tendency to hold on to anything and everything. And under the bed - covered in some fluffy bunnys - was the Birthdays shoe box containing my view finder and the reels.  Far from not deserving the Melody Miller View Finder Fabric. I sort of felt I had a right to it. Although being on a self imposed fabric diet I restricted myself to one fat quarter cut. (For the time being at least!)

A fat quarter cut I've turned into this camera/wristlet pouch as per the Keyka Lou pattern.  And it's this very pouch (along with the fob hard ware) that the lucky wins.

Excuse terrible pics light is bad today and it's pouring with rain so no outdoor shots!

I used some shocking pink Klona to give it a nice burst of colour.  It has a handy little pocket on the outside.

I really recommend this pattern. Even if you don't have a camera to fit inside it would make a great little pouch for nipping out for a meal and you can make them quite quickly!


So without further ado I grabbed a hat ( of which I have many) and set about entering everyone who entered with bonus entries for anyone who made a reference to view finders. (I couldn't really use RNG because of how to give the numbers for the bonus entries.)

I don't think we've had a decent summer since I bought this hat, at least it's been used for something!

 Then I told Mum to stop cooking the Sunday lunch and do the draw. Which really amused her. (Even more so when I told her I'd be photographing the whole procedure.)

She did a good swoosh around of the tickets and grabbed one!

And the winner is...


Yes, Hadley has done it again! She really is the luckiest woman in blogland I'm sure. I was laughing so much when I took this picture, Mum thought I was having a funny turn, hence the slightly bemused look on her face!


  1. Ah congrats to Hadley and glad that karma meant her name was picked out. I had no clue. Duh. Love the story behind the viewfinder and your traveling mum - what an inspiration she must be. Oooh, and gorgeous prize - lucky H.

  2. Great post Jan! Congrats to the lucky one :)

  3. Hadley again! For crying out loud woman lol Mind you, she deserved it after that guess!

    Glad you got your toys back anyway :o)

  4. Oh - I had one too - but I think mine was grey. Your mums collection of slides looks interesting. What are you going to do with it now though?

  5. Lucky Hadley, that pouch is gorgeous! We had a red viewfinder as kids, but I'm fairly sure it got broken in a scrap. Hope you enjoy reminiscing now you've found it again!

  6. Hadley strikes again :) Yay though! Great little pouch!

  7. Well we discussed this yesterday so I knew that Hadley would win because she just would and it was meant to be. Really quite fitting as she guessed the contents of the box so perfectly. So yippe for Hads!

  8. Congratulations, Hadley - have you claimed your lucky streak back?!!!

  9. She was meant to win for sure!

  10. Oh too funny for words - thank you IsisMum!

    Honest, there was nothing but scary telepathic know-how going on - hey everyone, how many fingers am I holding up!?

    Thank you Jan xxx

  11. I don't know how Hadley does it! Jxo

  12. Hadley has the power of the Force! Or else she really does have a TARDIS and time travels! Congrats I suppose! hehe!

  13. What a pretty bag! That is so funny!


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