Thursday, 15 March 2012

Being a 'Slack Alice'

I'm not altogether sure who 'Slack Alice' was, but I've certainly been a Slack Alice this week when it's come to blog reading and writing. I probably have more than enough stuff to tell you about. And if I wasn't still in a slight Slack Alice frame of mind I'd be doing one Mahoosive blog post to fill you all in. But as I am, all that stuff will have to wait.


What I dare not let wait any longer is Liebster nominations. I've been lucky enough to be nominated for a Liebster award twice in recent weeks. The first nomination came from the lovely Sheila - Bluepatch Quilter. If you don't know Sheila and her blog, do go and check it out because she is a really talented quilter and often shares with us quilts she's made in the past, as well as quilts she's made more recently.  The first time I was nominated for the Liebster you only got to pick 3 blogs to nominate for the award. It was so hard because there were so many fab blogs that met the criteria. However, somewhere along the line someone's decided to change it to 5 blogs. You'd think the extra choice would make your job easier wouldn't you? Until you realise that in our little community that means an awful lot of Liebster's have been handed out and whilst it's ok to nominate someone again, I thought that maybe I should pick some great blogs that haven't had it or haven't had it recently. Top of the list was going to be Tanya over at Second Chance, only while I was procrastinating on my other choices Tanya nominated me!!! So I thought I'd best stop procrastinating and nominate some great blogs for you to check out if you don't already!

So in no particular order:

Ceri over at Inspired by Felix  Ceri made me the amazing pouch in the first round of Mouthy Stitches. I have a night away coming up at the weekend and can christen the lovely pouch then. I'm just as excited about getting to actually use the lovely pouch, which is already part packed, as I am about going away!

The next blog I want to nominate is Indiana Dreams. I came across Helen's blog when I was partnered with her in the Mouthy Stitches swap.

Next up is Suzan's blog Quiltitis, although if you read this post you may find yourself wanting to buy something bright and colourful from John Lewis ::wink:: ::wink::

My fourth nomination is: Jill who blogs at Just Jill I'm fortunate to own a lovely bag made by Jill and she is a super talented bag maker and quilter.

So I'm going to stop at 4 with a reminder that I use my blog roll as my reading list. So any of the blogs on my blog roll really are a good read and if there are any you aren't familiar with, I urge you to have a look.

The acceptance conditions are This award is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers and there are rules-

*Thank your award presenter on your blog: Thank you Sheila and Tanya. :-)
*Link back to the blogger who presented you with the award
*Copy and paste the award to your blog
*Present the Liebster Award to 5 blogs that have fewer then 200 followers that you think deserve to be recognized
*Let them know by leaving a comment on their blog

And because I don't like to blog without a photo here is a picture of some vintage stuff I was sent for my birthday: 

Vintage gifts.

The gloves are tiny and hand sewn. They came from Woodstock, a north Oxfordshire town which has a long standing history of glove making.

When I get my act together I'll show you the good mail I've had week. Some works in progress and the knitted second scarf I've completed!


  1. wow, I love your 2 quilts you've done on your blog header, they involve a lot of work and I love the way the colors blend into each other.
    I saw a picture of a french bedroom with white lace doilies in white frames on a pale blue wall above the bed. Those crocheted doilies looked really beautiful in the classy French bedroom.
    I've just made little orange and pink quilted owl cell phone bags for my 2 daughters and I. I made the phone pouch so I could carry my Tracfone SVC $15 phone for seniors round my neck. Why I like this phone is that the keys and letters on the screen are bigger so you don't have to fish for your reading glasses to make or receive a call.
    I see there is a demand for ipad and nook covers, so I hope to make some trendy covers for my husband and nephew next. I was amazed at how expensive covers are in the shops

  2. I've also no idea who she was but I'm also one this week!! Congratulations on the award!

  3. Is there a slack Alec aswell?? I thought it was Alec..... maybe I was wrong and it's Alice all along?

    Great post - glad you appreciated the award


  4. Oh you ask all the difficult questions!

  5. Hi Jan,

    Congrats on the award, and thanks so much for handing it onto me! So pleased the pouch will be tested in earnest this weekend, have a splendiforous time :) x


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