Thursday, 8 March 2012

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String!

Like most people I love getting a parcel in the mail. However, there seems something even better about it if it's a brown paper package tied up with string. So I was over the moon yesterday to arrive home from work and find a box sat in my porch.  When I unwrapped the protective outer layer I found this:

What is it about a brown paper package tied up with string that makes me want to sing like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music?

This was the prize of crafty goodies I won recently from Lyns blog: Everyday Life.  I love to stop by Lyn's blog because she takes the most lovely photos and reading her blog posts is like visiting all these places with her.  Anyway, back to the prize: Inside the lovely wrapping was an even lovelier prize.

Oooh a fabric basket in spring greens and blues with some yellow tissue paper on top. Wonder what's underneath?


There may have been some excited squealing when I saw the spring theme continued into all these lovely goodies!

So I emptied out the basket which was holding an awful lot of crafty swag!

Buttons and trimmings and threads, Oh My!

And that wasn't all.

Katia Triana Wool in shades of green and instructions to make a scarf like the one in the picture.

I'm sure I must have mentioned in the past on my blog that knitting is the one skill that has eluded me. I can't cast on, I can't cast off, I can just about do the one standard plain knitting stitch, but even then I get problems with tension and dropped stitches. Mind last time I tried to knit I was probably in my teens (Discounting last year when the woman at The Chilterns Craft Fair made me have a go with her huge knitting needles.). Anyway, I asked Mum what 'Garter stitch' was and she said, she thought it was the plain one I could do. I had a quick google to make sure.  Then searched on You Tube for some video's of people using this wool, which is actually like a mesh net.  I wish I'd thought to take some pictures of how it looked before I started, because start I did.

Yes, I'm doing actual knitting!

Ignore my slobby clothing and twenty chins. I was concentrating hard and would have dressed for the pictures had I known Mum was going to ignore my request to cut my head out of shot. (Doubly ironic because often she cuts my head out of shots when I don't request it!)

In a few hours I'd managed to use up pretty much all the wool up. This was close to that stage!

You can just make out the meshy texture of the yarn.

So there you go I have knitted a scarf! Me, the girl that's knitting attempts have always been so woeful and the subject of much mirth and ridicule, has now made something that looks like it required a lot more skill than it did. In fact the fiddliest bit was opening up the loop in the mesh each time to knit with it. I just need to do a few more rows and cast off and then I am done. 

Thanks again Lyn for such a cracking prize and getting me to attempt knittings!


  1. Hey wow - that scarf is brilliant.... you must be a really quick knitter. What a lovely win (and now I think I will have that song in my head all afternoon!)..... ta da da !!

  2. Wonderful! Those scarves are so fun to make. Congratulations on an unexpected finish.

  3. What a fun prize! The scarf is lovely. Well done!

  4. What a great prize! and congratulations on the knitting!!! I love the colour!

  5. Oh that is brilliant - well done!!

  6. What a great parcel!! I love brown paper packages but I've never had one tied up with string!! Congratulations on the knitting!

  7. what a fabulous prize, all those colours are so inspiring! And well done with the scarf, it looks great

  8. Nothing like box full of craft swag! Great scarf the irony of the head in shot shot.

  9. Oh I am so glad you liked your prize and well done with the scarf, it looks great!

  10. Oh, your prize package is gorgeous!!
    Well done with the scarf - it looks great!

  11. Fabulous prize but the weirdest yarn I have ever seen! Glad it was you using it and not me. Looks like the sort of thing that would have me teaching the girls new words.

  12. Oh blimey, how professional does that look? well done you!


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