Friday, 23 March 2012

I'm It!

I've been tagged twice in the last week. I'm really behind with life at the moment - thanks to another of those 'turns' I seem plagued by at the moment. This latest one wiped me out for two whole days! :-( Big sorry to those emails I've still not responded to and I'm behind with blog commenting too.

Anyway, the first person to catch me was Judith so I'm going to start by answering her questions.

 1. What is your favourite ice cream flavour/brand? This will sound really boring, but I'm really happy with plain old Vanilla if it's Mackay's even better. I'm quite partial to Chocolate too and I'll give some of the more exotic flavours a go - like ones with bits of honey and ginger in them.

 2. What kind of stuff do you like to watch on telly? I loved 'Sherlock' when that was on and I'm really enjoying 'Homeland' too. I'll also watch any of those post apocalyptic drama's like 'The Walking Dead' and 'Survivors'.
 3. What are your favourite colour combos for fabric at the mo? I'm really drawn to a certain colour combination at the moment, but I don't want to say too much because I'm still finding the perfect fabrics to get creating and then I want to surprise you all. You'll either all go - wow! Isn't she inspired or Bless, her she must be colour blind! But as a little hint there will be some orange and purple involved.

 4 & 5. Who in your life do you most admire and why? Am I allowed to say my Mum? She's always been there for me during what has been some difficult times.
 6. What inspired you to first start sewing/quilting? 
Doing some patchwork at Primary School, when my class were involved in a project to make a hexie quilt for a local children's hospice. I loved the idea of taking bits of old fabric and sewing them back together to create something pretty and useful.

 7. What part of your body do you like the most? My eyes.

 8. Give me an example of something you have made that you are really proud of? This is the bit where regular readers will probably be thinking if she starts going on about that hexie quilt I'm I'm going to say my garden! Redesigning it and planting it from scratch was amazing. I love it when people stop me over the garden gate to ask to take pictures or who the designer is. Ok - so I didn't lay the patios myself. But I designed everything. I'm apparently one of the few of the population that can see something in my head from a blank canvas. (I thought everyone could, but I'm told this is not the case.) It meant the people around me had to believe I knew what I was doing because nothing was on paper. In fact I wanted a larger summer house - everyone talked me out of it. Until the smaller one was up and they all admitted I was right and a bigger one would have been better...

View from the stone bench
My cottage garden.

 9. Would you describe yourself as more of a patchworker or a quilter, or both? Patchworker - definitely. Over the years I've made quite a few patchworks that have never seen light of day as a quilt. Sadly some of my best efforts ended up being cut up and re purposed or just thrown away, because they had no practical use without the quilting part.

10. What has been your favourite decade so far? Personally most decades have had good and bad bits; even the 1990's which I'm sure I thought were terrible - I tend to look back on more fondly with the passing of time. The decade 2000 - 2010 was pretty special though. My niece was born, I got over some major health problems that had plagued me through the previous 10 years, met Chief and got to do lots of amazing things like learn to fire eat.

Me fire eating - most of the pictures of me attempting this are awful because each time I got it right I'd ask Clare if she got a shot and she said, 'oh sorry I was too busy watching!' because it is really mesmerising!

11. What are you most looking forward to this year? I'm not sure I am looking forward to anything. If I was going to the FQ retreat, I would say that, but as I'm not...

The Second person to tag me was Sarah

 1 Who did you blame for your last public fart? I'm not a farter. Belcher yes, so I've had no cause to blame anyone.

 2 What's your favourite TV theme tune and why.
My mind has been blank all day on this one.

 3 Tell me, what's on your 15 minute mix tape? I'm not a mix tape sort of maker. It's the sort of thing I'd get Chief to make for me.

 4 Roller boots or roller blades? Neither - because remember the bit with Bambi on ice...yeah that would be me only far less cute and graceful.

 5 If a cushion is a pillow what's a pillow? The thing on my bed that I lay my head on to sleep.

 6 Who is your Dr. (who)? David Tennant was pretty darn good, but this new Matt fellow is doing some good doctorly work.

7 If you don the ruby slippers and click your heels etc, where you gonna end up? Oh wouldn't that be cool. I could be somewhere different every day. Right now I want to go to the Falkland Islands and photograph wildlife. Tomorrow I may well want to be somewhere completely different.

 8 What fragrance is your fabric softener? No idea without looking - it's yellow if that means anything? 

9 Bananas - young and firm or old and soft? Young and firm. :-D

 10 Why IS a raven like a writing desk? I think the answer is there is no answer. Do I get brownie points from knowing this is a Lewis Carroll - Alice in Wonderland - reference?

 11 What was the last thing that totally grossed you out? The conversation I had with someone about how human bodies smell when they blow up and the associated red mist. Let's just say if I didn't already dislike liver, then I would never eat it again, now.

Now I suspect I've run out of people to tag, as potentially I could be tagging 22 people! So I've decided I'm going to post my 11 questions here and I'll link back to anyone who tells me they feel like playing?

 1. I'm into photography and you offer to take me somewhere for the day to get great photos - where are we going?
2. Do you have a party piece? You know some little skill or thing you could entertain everyone with at a party?
3. What's the best book you've read this year so far?
4. Which fabric do you think everyone should have in their stash and why?
5. You win your dream holiday - where are you going?
6. What's the one thing you've done, that you think I should add to my bucket list?
7. What's you're favourite way to spend your day if you don't sew!?
8. What was your favourite cartoon/children's show growing up.
9. Marmite - love it or hate it?
10. What are you going to make next?
11. You want to do something to cheer me up what will you do?


  1. Your garden is beautiful!! I'd love a garden like that :) I've been a miserable moo when it comes to playing tag but if I was going to do something to cheer you up I'd send you to Paris with Chief :)

  2. Great answers J! And what an amazing garden. You are so multi talented, and a fire eater too! I'm in awe! Hope you feel stronger soon and have a lovely weekend. Jxo

  3. I have hung up my tag-playing plimsoles!
    Hope you feel fighting fit again soon - bet your garden is springing into life with all this beautiful weather!

  4. Wow! Your garden is amazing. I understand about seeing it in your head though, because that's how I quilt usually.

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  7. Sorry I'm such a berk, posted all my replies to your questions, twice by accident. Then found out what blogger tag was, so I'll do it properly now, sorry!!
    Jo x

  8. Check you out eating fire!! Great party trick!! Hope you start feeling better soon x

  9. You give the best answers! Love, love your garden. Love your hexie quilt too ;)


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