Monday, 26 March 2012

No Sew When the Sun Shines!

As the title suggest I have not done any sewing since this nice weather has seduced me and my camera out doors. There is just so much to learn and so many things begging to be photographed. Like these seed heads

Trying out some Macro Filters

 or these trees in the orchard

Trees in bud in the orchard

 And this Robin was definitely posing! 

Robin Redbreast singing along 

 In my defence I only went over to Waterperry to keep Mum occupied as she's torn a muscle in her shoulder - not sure how - and she hasn't to use her arm or shoulder until it's healed. The nice weather lures her out to the garden; where she invariably wants to do stuff. If she's out and about she can't be pulling weeds. After lunch at Waterperry Gardens, I took her off for a drive and we ended up at Otmoor. Despite it only being up the road from us, Mum had not visited the reserve before. No sooner had we arrived, someone told me they'd seen lots of frogs in a ditch. The frogs turned out to be common toads and the sunshine must have encouraged them out to mate. There was a huge ball of them.  I had never seen so many toads in all my life. A more serious photographer was almost in the ditch with his kit getting shots. I wandered over to have a look and he asked if I'd got any good shots and had I got a macro lens. At the moment my budget runs to a set of Macro filters. So when he said, 'Do you want a borrow my Macro lens to get a few shots?' I was stunned (and my lack of skill turned me into a gibbering wreck from this point onwards) at a complete strangers generosity and of course said, 'Yes, please!'. When he handed me a quite serious bit of kit, I was a bit overwhelmed. Thinking: Please do not let me go head camera first into the ditch. I was even more relieved this didn't happen when I got home and found out that lens costs well in excess of £1000!!!

Spring is in the air.
Toads getting jiggy with it. 

It did allow me to get a few good close ups of the toad love ball. Apparently in the centre of this will be one female, getting a whole lot more male attention than she probably wanted.  
The birds were out in full force at Otmoor and as well as a few usual suspects I took photos of my first Redpoll and Yellowhammer. 



Then today my after work drive took me up to Brill in Buckinghamshire. Where I took some pictures of it's most famous landmark.

Brill Windmill up on the hill. Last time I photographed this the sails hadn't been painted.

Love the white sails against the blue!


So that, dear readers, is why I've not been sewing a stitch...


  1. Tremendous photos, especially the windmill. Not feeling the toad love - glad you didn't drop the lens in the pond!

  2. your photos are wonderful..... glad the lens survived...Hope your mum is soon better x

  3. Why would anyone sew when that is out side the window?

  4. Stunning pics J! You have real talent there (among others of course!). Jxo

  5. Yay for fun photography and friendly togs that are generous with their kit!

  6. No wonder you ditched the sewing - I am sure there might be a quilt in those windmill sails tho!

  7. What a nice guy!! Great, great captures - that blue sky is fabulous (is it tweaked at all? the windmill one) and all those wee birds. You must have some patience - wildlife moves too fast for me!

  8. Your photos are incredible but not so sure about the toad gang bang! That poor female in the middle of all that.

  9. fabulous photos - especially with all those blue skies and sunshine

  10. Oh dear that toad ball is very awkward and very funny! I really love frogs... don't ask me why they are gross. So this one was definitely my favorite!

  11. Amazing photos! Your practice is paying off. I feel as if I am going backwards... definitely not enough practice on my part.

    How funny that the toads bother people. I think they are cool. We have one that I will see occasionally and it lets me pet him, as if he likes it...


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