Monday, 19 March 2012

So that was my weekend!

Sometimes the weekends seem just too short. Lovely - but short.  Chief did get down on Saturday. A day later than I'd optimistically hoped. But given at one stage even Saturday was looking doubtful, I'm really not complaining! I'd booked a night at a hotel quite local to me. The one where we stayed in the suite I told you about in this post. They hadn't got any suites so I booked a standard double. (I looked at upgrade prices and for what you got it didn't seem worth the extra money.)  When we turned up at the hotel it was very busy so we were pleased to find a space near the front door quite easily. When we got out of the car we noticed in the reserved section was a space with my name on it (I didn't have chance to get a photo.) I thought what a coincidence someone else at the hotel with exactly the same name as me. (I don't have that common a name.) I even mentioned it to the receptionist who said, well if it has your name on it, it's ok for you to use!

At reception the computers were down. We had to wait a couple of minutes for them to check us in. There was lots of rushing out into a back room that apparently had the only available computer. Seconds later a receptionist gave me a voucher for £5 off of drinks because of the wait. Both Chief and I looked at one another because we've had longer waits than this before without vouchers. Not that we were complaining! Took ourselves off to our room and that appeared to be upgraded to the next room type up:

Our room

So we got the complimentary water, bath robes and more space. Chief said it's odd they didn't tell you they'd upgraded you, because normally hotels want you know.  And then I found a card in the room from the manager wishing me personally a great stay and leaving their business card in case anything didn't meet with my satisfaction. We didn't even get this in the suite Chief booked the other week. And then Chief exclaimed: 'You're flagged!'  'I'm what?'  

A couple of  years ago now I booked a room for Chief's birthday and to say I was not impressed with our experience was a big understatement. Chief asked me not to make a fuss, but as I checked out at reception I just asked the receptionist if they'd had some operational problems this weekend. His response had been along the lines: Well it's a bank holiday so I expect the staff have Bank Holiday mentality. This really wound me up.  This is a 4 star hotel. If the staff were working and not guests it would have been any other day for them. I'd paid to have a nice night away; not wait over 20 minutes for someone to provide us with towels in the leisure spa or wait even longer to be asked if I wanted tea or coffee at breakfast. So there was an email to the hotel chain with a long list of grievances - I mean you don't expect to put your fingers into a fruit bowl at breakfast to retrieve some fruit and find your finger sinks into a mouldy plum do you? The list went on. The hotel did apologise and offered me a return stay at a discount with a complimentary upgrade. We did make the return visit, but I hadn't booked a room since. Chief thinks this whole experience means I'm flagged on their systems as someone to keep happy! And if I am, I'm not complaining. It was jolly useful having reserved parking when we returned from a trip to the cinema (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) and the car park was still full and it was pouring with rain!

Mouthy Stitches pouch in use!

I'm hoping Ceri will be pleased to see the Mouthy Stitches pouch she made me put to good use and adding a splash of colour to the hotel bathroom. Inside I can fit everything I may want to take with me and then more!  

Sunday we spent a few hours in search of birds to photograph.  


And even though the light was rubbish we did find a Red Kite or two ready to pose for us. We had a buzzard in a similar position that we failed to even take a blurry picture of on several occasions!

We also came across this skeleton at a nature reserve. We're not sure what the animal was - a small deer maybe as Chief (who got closer to it than me) said the teeth appeared to be those of a herbivore.

The carcass had been stripped in situ leaving behind the fur underneath. 

And because after that picture I don't want those of a sensitive disposition to have sleepless nights I'm going to leave you with my bundle selection for the contest Katy over at I'm a Ginger Monkey is hosting along with Brenda of Pink Castle Fabrics.  I don't know why I've not entered any of these contests before as I'd happily spend all day putting fabric together in bundles rather than sewing it together into quilts. Although I have to say my big inspiration for this bundle is the idea of a spring table cloth or maybe a table runner and mats. Something ready for a yummy afternoon Easter tea.

Spring showers
Spring Showers

My first thought when I put this together was April Showers, but I wanted something with a bit of spring in it. So as spring is often a tad wet in this part of the world, I wanted to mix the two ideas together. The fabrics from Left to right starting with the top row are:

All the links above take you to the fabric at Pink Castle Fabrics. I may make another bundle, but first I've spotted some goodies I'd like to buy from Brenda so bye..........................


  1. Love your bundle of seasonal goodness in fabric! And your weekend sounds wonderful. If you have been flagged then all for the better. If you don't tell a company what is wrong then they can't fix it.

  2. I love your bundle! The night away sounds wonderful, just goes to show that complaining really can fix things - hurray!

  3. It sounds like a brilliant weekend away, just what you needed x

  4. No moldy plums this weekend! Sounds like you had a great weekend. Complaining has its benefits!

  5. Your bundle has all the right colours in! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend and good for you if you are 'flagged'! (can I use your name next time I need to go away!!)

  6. Im with Catherine ...will be booking in your name xx glad you had a good time xx

  7. Oh I love it when a moan pays off!! Glad you had a wonderful night, so to speak!

  8. That sounds like it was worth complaining! Your mouthy stitches pouch looks great there.

  9. Well yay for being flagged! Think you should do all the booking in future ;o)

    Great picks on the fabric too

  10. Ha ha ha!! I'm loving the idea of staff panicing in the back room "coz it's HER - keep her happy AT. ALL. COSTS." Heh heh. Good for you complaining and I'm glad it made a difference to your stay!

    P.S. Loving your fabric bundle, too!! That's very me - quirky but pretty.

  11. I'd say you both had a well deserved night away. Love the bird pics - one thing I'm hoping to do more of this year.

  12. Good for you, getting the upgrade, just goes to show!
    Lovely fabric bundle.

  13. Of course I'm glad to see the pouch being used! and yeay for reserved parking spaces - you go girl! Lovely bundle too x


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