Thursday, 15 March 2012

Two in one day!

Blimey you hear nothing from me for days then two posts in one day! Nothing negative has happened to cause this bout of slacking. I think a lot of my attention has been else where. If you looked around my living room you'd see evidence of creative activity in the form of pouches cut out ready to sew. Scraps waiting to be played with and patterns ready to be realised. The reality is the only thing I've succeeding in started and finishing this week is this scarf:

Katia Triana Lux wool - in shades of berries with a bit of sparkle thrown in.

As I mentioned in this post, I am not a knitter. It's not a skill I've ever found easy or rewarding. So when I made my first scarf in just over an evening, I was ridiculously pleased with myself. I don't think you got to see the finished item:


The first scarf has ended up longer than the second. I suspect because the original pattern said to use size 11 American needles or 8mm and I assumed that the '8' on the end of some old needles I had, referred to the mm size. I don't know why I assumed this given the needles being used in the patter were clearly bigger than the one's I had! I don't think it's made a huge difference to the scarf construction as it looks the same as the berry coloured one, only longer.  Both scarves look much better in person because they look a bit scraggy laid out to photograph. Hopefully I'll be able to get some shots of me modelling one soon.

I definitely see more of these scarves in my future and might try out other similar yarns. The second scarf only took me a couple of hours to whip up.

Lovely mail turned up this week from Jennifer who blogs at 'Enchanted Bobbin' and I was certainly enchanted by the fabric she selected from her stash for my winnings in her recent give away. I love the pink and green combination.  I'm thinking these would look great in a spring inspired table runner. I'm loving these petals and think these fabrics might be just the ticket for something similar. 

My prize winnings!

Chief got back to the UK yesterday. I hadn't heard from him for quite a few days. In fact all the time he was away I was lucky if I got a two sentence email. It felt a bit odd not to get my usual morning text just after I'd arrived at work each day and even stranger not to get calls when he was making errands like popping to the shops.  We have a night away booked locally very soon. So we're both excited about that!

Oh, and before I go I googled Slack Alice just to find out where the reference comes from. It seems by saying I was a Slack Alice, I'd assumed (as many people do) that she was a girl fond of being a bit lazy and slack in her behaviour. The reality seems this expression comes from a 1970's song by the camp Larry Grayson, who Brits of a certain age will remember from: 'The Generation Game'. 

Just to clarify I have not been throwing my knickers in the air this week ;-)


  1. Your scarves look great! I especially love the green one- it's my favourite colour!

  2. No knicker throwing? Damn,how boring...


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