Monday, 5 March 2012

Were you just all too polite to tell me?

Regular readers will know I've spent the weekend getting excited about making a couple of camera/wristlet type pouches as per the Keyka Lou pattern. But not one of you mentioned in the comments, that I'd put, not one, but both pouches together wrong!

So picture the scene last night. I'm sat on the sofa watching Homeland and teasing Hadley, by email, about swapping her prize out for some brown fuggly fabric (which I'm sure is what she was secretly hoping to win.) and I picked up the pouch I made for me and admired it for about the 100th time that day, when I realised there was a design flaw. The external pocket on the flap would empty the contents of the pocket every time the pouch was opened. Not to mention the strap was pulling the pocket out of shape. Then it dawned on me. It was not a design flaw. I'd put the pouch together wrong. The pouches were still usable, just wrong. I have plenty of pouch and bag making experience, so I'm not sure how I managed to mess this up!

Homeland finished, I took myself off to bed to read for a bit, before switching the light out to sleep. Suddenly I was wide awake. I could not live with such a flaw in the pouch let alone send off one of them to Hadley.  So I put on the light and went downstairs to get my unpicker and the pouch and brought it back to bed. I thought I'd just unpick mine and see if it looked like a dogs breakfast after I'd sewn it back together the right way. Of course once I'd unpicked it all, (and why is it: should I ever need to unpick something, the stitches are so flaming strong they're the equivalent of stitchy superglue?!) I couldn't wait until the next day to fix it. So I clambered out of bed and sewed it back together again.  But I went back to bed having salvaged the pouch.

So when I got in from work I set about unpicking and redoing the prize pouch. The linen blend fabric and Klona was a lot less forgiving than the DS cotton. There may have been swearing. There is definitely wonk.

You can't see how wonky the rounded ends have turned out one side. Unfortunately close clipped notched seems do not really like being turned upside down and matched to entirely different notched curved bits.

Pockets where they should be!

I'm still not happy with the wonk in the seams. But just when I was about to throw the towel in and start again I discovered this:

Co-ordinating thread 

I have an empty bobbin and this much thread left. I can't risk taking Hadley's pouch apart any more or remaking from scratch because this is the only thread I have.   If I had a picture of Edvard Munch's - The Scream I'd be inserting it now with a caption underneath saying: 'This is exactly how I felt and probably looked at the moment I realised I had to accept the pouch as is!'

So apologies Hadley. I hope you can still use it some how. I'll include something brown in the package to make up for it :-)


  1. Oh Jan, how we will look back and laugh!
    I'm sure it looks fine!
    Thank you for staying up all night xxx

  2. looked fine before... looks fine now xx

  3. Oh Jan, I really feel for you! I had the thread thing when I was making my partner`s item in the FTLOS2 swap. It looks great and Hadley will love it!

  4. oh no!! I certainly didn't notice. Its sooooo irratating when things like that happen!

  5. Girl, I feel ya! I could have died when I put Trudi's T on sideways and there wasn't time to fix it!!! It really does look great and I don't think it looks bad from here but I understand your feelings.

  6. Oh blimey Jan, I'm so sorry I missed this giveaway, those pouches look gorgeous - although I think Hadders was destined to win anyways! oh, and I went back and I can't see what was wrong?! x

  7. I can't tell the difference, is that really bad? I still think they look great, I might have to try making one.

  8. oh crap! I did something similar with a different Keykalou pouch but thankfully managed to salvage it without too much hassle. Sometimes the easiest patterns cause the most trouble!

  9. My mistakes are usually a lot more obvious!
    It doesn't make for an easy life when you're a perfectionist - hope you got a little sleep :)
    It looks lovely.

  10. Oh no, nightmare! Still, they both look fab now :o)

  11. I had to go back and look carefully to see what you said was a mistake... Too small to even worry!! The bags are cute. Another friend made one a few years bag and I keep thinking I need to make one for my small camera, someday....
    Your bags are very pretty and the lucky winner is lucky indeed!

  12. LOL! I'm not familiar with this pattern so wouldn't have known it was wrong. It's annoying when that happens, but I know Had won't mind. Jxo

  13. I'm like Judith - not familiar enough with the pattern to notice anything wrong and even if I was I still wouldn't have noticed! At least you noticed before you posted it - imagine realising after!! They still look great though!

  14. I never spotted any mistakes, just a pouch that I was jealous Hadley won! Maybe it is because I am so used to seeing mistakes around here that is was the normal state of affairs for me.


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