Thursday, 5 April 2012

A catch up!

I seem to spend most of these days catching up and blogging - both reading and writing, seems to have taken a bit of a back seat. I didn't link up to Sew Fresh Sewing day this month. I had made stuff. But there was an item or two I couldn't show because they were present related. So I decided as I'd blogged about everything else I'd leave it this month.

I can reveal one of the mystery items made last month:

Make up pouch for a friend
Zippy Make up Pouch

A friend dropped a hint she'd like a make up bag. The colours I used were largely dictated by the zips I had. I have quite a bag of zips. But why is it I've never got the right colour zip in the right length? So I ended up using a green zip and choosing fabric to coordinate. I opted for the green Tufted Tweets chair fabric and added a raw edge applique birdie and some flowers. Very much following the Use don't Hoard! instructions when I won a give away Alison had. I've cut into the third quarter of fabric I won, to make not only the cue little birdie but also line the pouch.  The buttons came from the prize I won and told you about here. As for the ends. We're not going to talk about those. 

If we get any rain over Easter (and I'm sure we will) I will be making I'm sure!  But tomorrow I'm hoping for a fine day as I'm out with a friend and we have a day of outdoor activities planned.  I'll push my luck a bit further and hope that the day Chief has off of work on Wednesday to spend with me, goes ahead. Earlier he confirmed it's 100% safe. There are some of unusual things going on at work for him at the moment it had looked a bit doubtful. It's already looking like he won't be able to come down next Saturday as planned or come down on Tuesday night to stay over, so we can get an early start on Wednesday. His work can be demanding (shall we say?) at the best of times, without extra major dramas. So I'm still bracing myself for the call that says - I'm really sorry, but I've got to work... 

Have a lovely Easter! 


  1. So hope you get your day with Chief! I love your purse for that hint dropping friend of yours! I love the green you used and your birdy is uber cute.

  2. Hope all goes to plan.
    Sweet purse - I think I tend to go with the zip that is totally opposite to the best match, glad you didn't!

  3. Fingers crossed you don't get any phone calls other than to say chief is on the way. Enjoy!

  4. Love the pouch, hope the green meanies don't prevent you from getting your day with Chief!

  5. Great pouch! Hope you get to spend some time with Chief! Have a fab Easter x

  6. Love your make up pouch. hope all your plans come to fruition

  7. It's very pretty, I hope you had a lovely day with your friend too. I am so behind reading and commenting on blogs!

  8. Fingers crossed that call doesn't come. Cute pouch! Jxo

  9. Oh that is so cute! I love pouches they are so fun and fast to make. i keep trying to decide if there is such a thing as too many!

  10. Very cute bag! You appliqué is perfect!!


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