Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Easter Part 2

Back to work for me tomorrow. I tagged an extra day onto the long weekend with a day off work. Actually I only took today off because Chief had tomorrow off and it seemed silly for me to go back to work for one day then have a day off to spend with him. Notice I said, 'Chief had tomorrow off.' Past tense. All leave cancelled. Back to work for him so I've texted the boss and told him to expect me back at work tomorrow.

Yesterday, I got the news that leave was likely to be cancelled and I took my frustration out on some spring cleaning in the bedroom and then made some lovely watercress soup for lunch. I'm not a soup person. However, when a cousin served this up as a starter when I visited a few years ago, I really loved it. Said cousin had asked if my friend and I had any foodie dislikes as we were stopping for a couple of nights. I told her not to worry feeding us we'd eat out. My mind went completely blank and I said we liked everything. It was a rash statement given I'm not a soup person; dislike peas intensely, don't like liver or similar...am no fan of mashed potato or that I'm squeamish about other people cooking me eggs. Hate Curry. Oh the list could go on and on I'm sure! So when she served up soup the colour of peas I did think: 'Why didn't I mention I'm not a soup person?!' and then I tasted it and it was fabulous.

Home made Watercress soup
Watercress Soup

For the rest of the day I vegged out with a book and watched some TV. 

Afterwards by Rosumund Lipton

Today I was up even earlier than I would be on a work day because I booked an eye test at 8.50. It was either this or a 13.40 appointment and I wanted the rest of the day to do as I please, not have it punctuated by an appointment.  What I didn't realise was I'd have to get a bus before 8am in the morning in order to make the appointment on time. I didn't need to get new glasses, because my prescription hasn't changed and  the optician thinks it's unlikely to now.  I wanted to replace my sunglasses though because I don't think they're that flattering and tend to let light in above because they're quite narrow. As they'd got a 2 for 1 deal on it seemed silly not to get a second pair or regular glasses while I was there. I did a few chores and managed to arrive home with time to gate crash a lunch date mum had with a friend. I'd rushed out with only the phone in my camera (which is not great!) so not many photos.

Lemon Tart - I didn't eat all the cream - far too much even for me.

We went back via a local farm shop. And I really wished I did have my camera with me because there was an abundance of cute animals. Like Gloucester Old Spot piglets and Badger Faced Lambs! I did get a snap of this chap (chapette?) who obligingly let us pet him and had very soft snugly fur - I was sort of expecting it to feel rough.

A reindeer  in the heart of the Oxfordshire Countryside

And that's my Easter done with for another year. Hope you all have had a lovely one too!


  1. oh no, sorry all your plans with Cheif went all pear-shaped: its rubbish when you were expecting him. Hope the rest of your week whizzes by, even though you will be at work

  2. How long until Chief retires???!!!
    At least you get to save the leave for another day xx

  3. Hey J! Looks like you've made the best of your Easter break. Some gorgeous pics there, esp. the food! Hope work tomorrow isn't too stressful! Jxo

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  5. Bummer on the cancelled leave, but yay for enjoying an extra day anyway :o)

  6. Sorry you guys had to miss time together again. Glad you made the best of things.

  7. Sorry your plans had last minute change!!
    Good to see how Rudolph's pal spends his down time...

  8. Shame about Chief. Glad you have had some great down time though. And I'll remember to never serve you peas.


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