Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Part I

If I don't start sharing my Easter with you now I'll end up doing a post so mahoosive you'll still be reading it next Easter!

Good Friday my friend Sal and I visited two gardens in heart of the Cotswolds. The first was Batsford Arboretum, which we'd last visited together 6 years ago! How times flies. I didn't think it was that long. Batsford holds the national collection of Japanese flowering cherries and as these flower in spring it seemed like the ideal time to go. Especially as they also have over 70 different kinds of Magnolia's (Who knew there were so many different kinds anyway?!)

blossom in every shade of white and pink was everywhere

The Cherry blossom was gorgeous

And there were some pretty and unusual magnolias, again in every shade of pink. 
Sadly the frost had done for some of the blooms


If you want to see more photos from my Batsford trip then go to this flickr set.  After lunch, in the cafe at Batsford, we went across the road (Literally - as the entrance is directly opposite) to Sezincote, which is a gem of a garden that I suspect is often passed over by people heading for either the Arboretum or other attractions in the area.

Sezincote, Glos

Just as it is surprising to find Waddesdon Manor in the heart of the Buckinghamshire countryside, it's equally surprising to find Sezincote in the middle of the Cotswolds.

There was a swing and it said use at your own risk. 
Hey, I've walked with wolves and eaten fire I can cope with a tree swing!

Elephant love

I love elephants

More Sezincote photos can be found here.  We popped back to the cafe at Batsford for tea and cake to refuel us for the journey home.  Yesterday morning I popped into Oxford. The weather was not great. My intention to play tourist and take photos with my camera as practice (I certainly need it!) fell by the wayside as I decided to shop instead. Today has been a more laid back day with a nice roast lunch, a good book and then I made my traditional Easter cake.

Easter Sunday
It has passion fruit butter cream inside!

Tomorrow I'd planned on a day out with my Mum. The weather forecast may force us to change our plans. I might actually get some sewing done. I've been neglecting my making of late. I'd felt bad about that. Then I realised I make for my own enjoyment and somewhere along the line my eagerness to keep up with this whole wonderful creative community of quilters has inadvertently made me feel under pressure to be churning out quilts and bags and other fabric goodies at least every other blog post. I have put myself under that pressure because it really does feel that if you snooze in blog land you miss out on a great QAL or line of fabric or the swap of the century. So I need to work on getting some balance back into my creating v. the rest of my life.  Does anyone else feel if they aren't keeping up what's going on in this great community will pass them by? 

So that is my Easter so far. I hope you're having a great one!


  1. Hey I walked with wolves too! You are living on the wild side - swinging around! Great day out and cake too!

  2. I've not walked with wolves but I have learned how to climb onto an elephants back without (almost) any help. And I have been head butted by a baby elephant. Can't beat a good animal encounter to put you in a great mood! Glad you survived the swing without any lasting damage or scars!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend. All that time I lived in Worcester and I have not heard of Sezincote, sad.
    I know exactly what you mean about the blog pressure thing, you sort of feel you are missing out on good stuff. But, look at the links on Rhonda's FAL and you will see lots of unfinished bees and QALs etc so maybe you are right to stay calm and decide what is for you.

  4. I love how you've eaten your way through the easter weekend so far lol I'd love to get to an arboretum some time to take pics, the Westonbirt one is meant to be amazing in the autumn. Naughty elephants there ;o)

    As for keeping up, my own insane list of things to do is quite enough for me, although I do have a bad habit of signing up for things which make the list grow longer o.O

  5. looks like you have had a good couple of days out. I understand what you mean about the sewing and keeping up: I felt overwhelmed a while ago and took a step back (not that I was prolific in the first place!!)

  6. Look, it's YOU!!!! I love seeing people in their own blog posts. LOVE that pink mangnolia and caaaaake.....

  7. om...nom,nom,nom,nom. Gorgeous pics Jan but you`re making me homesick!

  8. I'd like to say I thrive on pressure, but that's only because they made me say it!

    Looks like some fun adventuring; and yes, tomorrow's weather has 'sitting in front of the TV sewing on some binding' written all over it!

    Happy Easter xxx

  9. Gorgeous photos! I don't sign up for many swaps/QALs, etc. as I can't cope with having too many projects on the go at the same time and I like to plod along at my own pace. I miss out on lots of things but I'm definitely under less pressure this way!

  10. Oooo cake, lovely lovely! Yep, I definitely know what you mean about the pressure..and I really don't get enough time for sewing, let alone blogging so I'm having to just dip in and out of blogs rather than read religiously, post only once a week or so, and have promised myself not to sign up to anything new... :)


  11. Love the photos of the blossoms! Glad you had a lovely day!


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