Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Finish-A-Long Q2 (or 101 excuses for why these aren't finished already!)

Was it me or did quarter one of the FAL fly by quickly (Umm maybe two quickly for some of us to get more than one thing off their list done?)  I feel like I need a great big old heap of motivation right now. It seems the nearest I am getting to sewing at the moment is opening the fabric drawer, taking out some fabric, stroking it and then putting it back. To be fair I started to sew earlier and then Chief phoned and I never went back to it. Easily distracted? me? Noooooooo. Ooooh shiney thing over there...

See what I mean?

Top of my FAL Q2 has to be this Hope Valley Quilt I so long ago I can't actually remember. I think what's distracted me from finishing this is not knowing what I'm going to back it with. I don't need much of a stumbling block for something to languish in my unfinished pile. Hmmm.

Hope Valley Colour Brick Quilt WIP!

But now I really want to finish this quilt. Especially as I've joined this group on flickr. A QAL that's encouraging us to use up our beloved fabric not hoard it. I'm struggling to find an uncut range of fabric in my stash that I have been hoarding not using. (Yes, nobody mention my Mendocino stash - I've made one quilt out of it so far so I feel justified in taking my time with what I do with the rest ok? )  But if I'd not cut into my Hope Valley already it would definitely fit into the category of lovely precious fabric in my stash. In my book there is only one thing infinitely worse than hoarding precious fabric in your stash and that's cutting into that fabric and leaving it in a heap unfinished. Sacrilege people!

Item two on my list is something I'd forgotten I started until I looked at April 2011 in my blog archive earlier and realised I cut these Dresden wedges out and um haven't done anything more.

Dresden wedges cut!
Dresden as per a QAL with Lily's Quilts

Now I never intended to do the full big quilt of these so it's shameful I've not managed one. The thing is I have curveaphobia. It's quite serious. I think of sewing all those together and that's fine. But after than I not only need to get the right size inner circle cut out and sewn but the outside curves too. I'm starting to hyperventilate just thinking about it.

Hit and Miss
Hit and Miss Quilt

The Hit and Miss quilt was on the list quarter one. I seem to remember saying I'd finish it and give it to my niece for her birthday. Well I missed that as her birthday was last month. I did work on it a bit. In as much as I'd already got a purple bed sheet from Asda to back this. However I could only get fitted sheets and spent ages unpicking the elastic out of it. So now this quilt top is crumpled up on the spare bed, with the bed sheet - where I slung it in a hurry as my niece was coming round and I didn't want her to see it!

Now if I could just get these three sorted then my unfinished pile would have just about halved I reckon and I'd feel more than justified in starting new projects. 

Wish me luck!

2012 Finish-A-Long


  1. Good luck - you will be fine!

    I have started cutting into my Denyse Schmidt for the Retro Flowers and My Precious QALs!

  2. Good luck!! I love the colour palette of your big fat dresden btw, it's so calming :-)

  3. Good luck with the Dresden wedges! I cut and sewed mine into a circle and that's as far as I got!!

  4. Good luck! You could totally cheat with the Dresden and figure out a way to see a hex into the middle instead.

    Now the hit and miss quilt is really nice. I remember seeing this when you first posted about it cos I thought I'd really like to make one too cos it looks good to showcase prints while being simple yet effective and pretty. My that was a long sentence.

  5. Oooh snap with the Dresden... hope you have better luck with it than I have...

  6. All very pretty things that I will love to see finished! Good luck! And hurry please! ha ha Seriously, take your time, you'll make this slacker feel better....

  7. It looks like you have a lot very close to being done - good luck! Also is the Dresden big enough to be a mini if you just do that one block? Love the fabrics you've got going for it!

  8. Phew! Good luck, love the colours of the Hit & Miss, keep at it.

  9. I think you can do this. Do the last one first as that is the closest to finishing and you will be ever so pleased to tick a box. (Well, that's what I would do - avoiding the curved piecing as long as possible!)

  10. Heh, good luck with the list, and try not to get too... oh look, shiny!

  11. You can do it! Those giant dresdens are actually really fun -- last spring I cut pieces for 6, messed up on one of them and still made a really big quilt out of four of them (stashing the last one). I say jump in and give it a go. You may be surprised at how smoothly it goes.

  12. You could just applique your circle onto your background and be done - once you've sewn the wedges together! Much easier !

  13. You've got such fun projects in store!!! I can't wait to see them finished- if I can do a dresden plate you most certainly can! It's not hard I promise!


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