Sunday, 29 April 2012

Go Anywhere Bag (that isn't going anywhere until the weather improves!)

Go Anywhere bag front
Excuse the poor photos if I wait for good light outside 
I expect I'd be showing you this in about a months time! 

Just to recap: I have started two projects over the last week and not finished them. I've not exactly abandoned them (unless you count the way I've just abandoned them on a chair in the living room?) I've just got to a place where I need to be in exactly the right frame of mind to finish them. Mainly because I've had little drama's in making them. Sometimes it just helps to step away from the fabric. So yesterday I started a third project. The Go Anywhere Bag. I had bought the pattern what seemed like ages ago. I'd just not got around to making it. Part of it was the pattern suggested a home decor or canvas type fabric was used for the main bag body (although you could use all quilting weight fabrics, you'd just have to use interfacing.) I'd thought all the way along it would be fun to work with some heavier fabric for a change (and save me the chore of cutting out interfacing!) It's just the choice of canvas/home decor on line is pretty limiting.

Yesterday, I thought I'd bite the bullet and make the bag using fabric from my stash. I just didn't know what fabric to use. I must have spent hours trying to decide what fabric to use. I pulled fabric out of the drawer, I put it back. I pulled more fabric out of the drawer and then went back and pulled out the first set of fabric. Then I had a rummage in the bottom of a drawer in case I had some thicker fabric I'd forgotten about. I decided I'd like a bag with my cavern coloured Aviary birds. But I had no heavier weight fabric that would co-ordinate with this and part of me was thinking 'no save it for a 241 tote'. I browsed the web for a bit. I made a cuppa. I faffed.  I could have made a couple of 2-4-1 totes in the time it took me faffing about making decisions.

Once I had decided though the bag came together really quickly. Far more quickly than a 241 Tote does. (Probably because you have about 8 pieces to cut, plus handles for the Go Anywhere and about 20 pieces plus handles for the 241 Tote.) Apart from the handles. I left the handles until last as the method for these in the pattern is the birthing method. You know when you turn something inside out using an impossibly small hole ;-) Only past experience has taught me this is my least favourite method for making bag handles. (I'm much more of a fold over and top stitch, sort of girl.) I thought maybe I'd do my own thing handle wise apart from this little nagging voice that kept telling me we are probably doing the handles this frustrating way for a really really good reason, so just do as Anna says. I love Anna's patterns enough to do as she tells me!

Go Anywhere Bag - back
Back of Go Anywhere Bag
Fabric is Dizzy Dots Grey/Blue by Denyse Schmidt's Country Fair Line
Roses on Grey from Far Far Away II by Heather Ross
Lining is unspecified solid left over from backing my Mendocino Quilt.
Contrast lining of back pocket and uses for Internal Slip Pocket is Hugs and Kisses from Loulothi by Anna Maria Horner.

Go Anywhere Bag - inside pocket
Internal Pocket inside main part of bag. I also used two magnetic snaps in making the bag. 
I didn't have any sew in ones as suggested in pattern and didn't want to wait to get any.

Go Anywhere Bag - pop of coloured lining in back pocket.
Hugs and Kisses in gold colour to line the back pocket - as this pocket opens up quite wide.
 I thought a contrasting flash of pattern would be a nice detail.

These aren't the colours I'd normally go for, I'm liking how they almost seem neutral and could go with lots of different outfits including jeans and also be equally useful in the between season times when sartorial style decisions are more than a little challenging...for me at least.

I have managed to hurt my shoulder, I suspect when I was doing some FMQ on Friday and have probably made it worse with the sewing yesterday. So no I'll have day off from sewing. But not planning my next few makes!  Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Bwahahahaha, birthing method, love it! The bag looks fab, but know what you mean about shoulder pain, I think I offended my left shoulder sewing loads of curves yesterday...

  2. You always manage to make me laugh! The purse is really great. Your time spent picking your fabric was well spent. I gave the same prblem with indecision and wonder just how much I could get done if I'd stop second guessing my self!
    Sorry about your shoulder!

  3. I am sniggering at the 'birthing method' too. The bag is lovely. I love the contrast of the oranges with the muted blues and greys. Hope your shoulder heals up quickly.

  4. love the bag and I like the fabric combo. Hope the shoulder gets better soon.

  5. Your bag looks great! I had huge trouble turning my bag handles inside out, so just gave up and did it the other way! Hope your shoulder feels better soon.

  6. It's beautiful - well done! I've got this pattern in amongst 4 I've been trying to choose between, and 241 tote was winning.... think that might have just changed!

  7. The denim blues are lovely. Great shape, well done. Hope your shoulder gets better soon. Jxo

  8. I gave birth to 3 pencil cases today, so I feel your pain!

    I did consider using the nice double fold method on the Go AnyWhere too - but stuck to the pattern, the mad fool I am.

    I love yours - superb fabric choices x

  9. Sometimes we all need a quick finish and this is lovely. Hope your shoulder is better soon. I had a bad shoulder last week (embroidery I think) and rubbed some Arnica gel in it aand it really helped!

  10. love your bag and the fabrics look great. Sometimes you just need a project that you can finish there and then!

  11. This looks great - I love the choice of fabrics (an hour well spent I say!!).... I hope your shoulder is better soon x

  12. I love the bag and your fabric choice! Hope your shoulder gets better soon x

  13. Bag looks fab, Jan. I love love love those HR vintage roses! I think you can get a snazzy tool to make handle turning easier...and if you can't we should invent one, we'll make a fortune! x


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