Friday, 13 April 2012

My Precious...

Ever since I heard about My Precious QAL I thought what a great idea I want to play. Only I didn't know what to play with. You're probably expecting me to be pulling out my Mendocino stash. I've already made a quilt out of this and I'd kind of like to see if I could get a bit more of the colours I'm missing so I could make something using a bit of every Mendocino print, in every colour way, before I cut into it again. I know there is probably more chance of me finding the holy grail or that my local wool shop (if it hadn't have closed about 10 years ago) had bolts of OOP fabrics like Uptown Birds and Neptune and were selling them off at 50p a metre...Did I just get distracted and go off into a fantasy world then?

Back in the real world the only fabric in bundle form I'd say is particularly precious is my Lark stash. But purchased last November it might be considered a bit too new for this QAL. So I've decided for my first Precious selection to pull some prints from my stash that I've been telling myself I won't cut into unless I find  the right project. I sort of pretend to myself I could cut into them any time I like, only I don't like to just yet, because, well the right project hasn't come up yet! My name's Jan and I have fabric in my stash that I don't want to cut into. I even put this fabric in with stuff in my stash I really don't mind cutting into.  (Or stuff I've cut into, before realising just how precious it was, until it went OOP and I could never get any more.)

Then I was mooching about blogland and flickr and I remembered this pattern that I've wanted to do for ages, only I've not known what fabrics to choose and then I'd have to buy lots of fabric for backing and of course the wadding, so I've been ignoring it. Until I remembered I had the perfect AMH prints in my stash. Coupled with a bit of Park Slope and some others I think it has the making of a very rich looking star. I've ordered some Cream Klona because there wasn't a suitable brown colour (that I could buy without looking at a swatch first) and I thought something light might lift it.

My Precious
A range of prints in fuschia, chocolate, orange, and duck egg

If you want to find out more about the My Precious QAL hosted by KelbySews go here.

QAL by kelbysews


  1. Big deep breath, go on, you can do it!

  2. Pull on those big girl pants !!!

  3. LOVE that color combination!

  4. I love that quilt pattern. It will showcase your precious fabrics perfectly. So off you go. Get cutting.

  5. Ooh, that will be gorgeous! I love oversized block quilts. Lets hope your sewing is better than your turnip cooking (love yoooooo!)

  6. oooh, do it! I have my part finished giant star quilt on my FAL for this quarter and really want to get it finished. Its fun and easy to do


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