Tuesday, 22 May 2012


I feel I'm neglecting blogland of late. I seem to lack the focus I did, and just when I seem to get back into the throws of making something comes along to stop it. I'm not going to bore you all with all the negative stuff. Suffice to say, I tried some meds to hopefully help with these 'turns' I am prone to getting and unfortunately the meds bought their own set of problems, so I've had to stop them and hope my body returns to normal sooner rather than later.

It has meant I've decided not to get involved with the Bloggers Quilt Festival. I have nothing new or wowy to share with everyone. I've also decided not to get involved with the SMS give away. Although I've been entering frantically when I see give aways from blogs I follow.  It didn't really register it was on my radar until too late and to be honest last time I did participate I decided, on the advice given by SMS, to not request people became a follower for extra entries.  Disappointingly, despite getting a tonne of comments from new people, none of them appeared to like the blog enough to stay. Which made me think at the moment I'd rather have give aways for regular readers rather than passers by.  Talking of which my bloggy anniversary comes up next month and that's an excuse for a give away then if ever I saw one!

On Saturday, despite feeling pretty grotty I managed lunch out with a friend followed by the theatre. It was a lovely day out and the cast of Ladies in Lavender were fab, especially the two leads: Belinda Lang and Hayley Mills. I was a little bit star struck not believing I was sat about 10 feet away from the stage where Hayley Mills was performing.

Ladies in Lavender
My ticket and programme to Ladies in Lavender.

I haven't done much in the way of sewing due to these pesky health problems. But I've decided to piece the background to the ferris wheel using some lovely Sweetwater fabric I've had in my stash for ages.

Hand Sewing on the Sofa
Work in Progress on my Ferris wheel along.

I've also had my last couple of fabric postal goodies turn up. I really need to get on with using up some stash as I'm running out of places to store it!  At the moment every thing that's been turning up has been popped into the lid of the box above, which is as deep as the box itself.  It's also made me think of filling this box with some stash goodies and challenging myself to see what I can make only using the contents. After all for those new to sewing and without much stash or maybe those a bit cash strapped, it's encouraging just to see what you can make with a really limited stash. But anyway you want to see the fabric don't you!

Fabric Goodness

The top row shows stuff from Sew Fresh Fabrics. More Flea Market Fancy this time in the reds and greens and the top green is destined for a bag. The Little Apples charm pack was a bargain and will be put to one side perhaps for a baby quilt. 

Bottom row is my first order from Cindy's new shop: Fluffy Sheep Quilting. In one of the many launch giveaways I refused to say what I was eyeing up in the shop in case I caused a rush and she sold out. So now you can see exactly what I was coveting, plus some Kona solids. As for the Aurifil; All my attempts to win some to try, fell on the deaf ears of Mr Random Number Generator. So I decided to buy some.

Well, as they said at the end of some cartoons I used to watch as a kid. 'That's All Folks'...for now any ways.


  1. Aww, sorry you've been feeling so crappy, hope you're feeling much better soon!

  2. Oh hope you feel better soon Jan - miss your happy posts - loving your increasing stash though xxx

  3. Hey you.... I haven't managed much blogging lately so haven't been around to comment much. Sorry to hear you are feeling grotty. You have some beautiful fabric in your stash x

  4. Hope your body is returning to normal. Don't worry about taking a bloggy break, we'll still be here. And just sitting and admiring fabric goodness is good for the soul so money well spent.

  5. Really sorry to hear that you've not been feeling 100% - hope the gorgeous fabric has cheered you up!

  6. Lovely haul J! Hope you feel your normal self soon! Jxo

  7. Hope you feel completely back to normal (or better) SOON! Love all those fabrics and how can you say you've done nothing "wowy" after getting that fabulous ferris wheel together?!

  8. oooh, lovely fabrics there. Sorry that you are still feeling under the weather, I hope it all gets sorted soon. Look forward to seeing you ferris wheel background fabric (and btw, we have the same tv remote!!)

  9. Hope you get you health probs sorted soon Jan.
    I like the look of your latest fabric haul, was eyeing up those bugs myself for a toddler quilt.

  10. So sorry you are still not feeling well! Hang in there and we will be waiting for your fantastic projects when you feel betterl

  11. Nice to hear from you. You will feel better. Use that mantra :)

  12. Oh poo, it's rubbish when you don't feel right, isn't it. I hope you are on the mend soon. Gotta love those bugs in jars, ripe for fussy cutting! x


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