Friday, 4 May 2012

This was the week...

This was the week...

...I spent ages at a meeting of our local community hall and ended up volunteering my services for the Jubilee celebrations; assuming I am around for them and not away with Chief.

...I got really really behind with answering comments from my blog and other emails. Sorry!

...I wasted an afternoon at a local hospital when it turned out the neurologist was no help to me whatsoever.

...I finally got my hands on some Flea Market Fancy loveliness.

 Flea Market Fancy Reprint
Flea Market Fancy in greys, pinks, browns and blues with pops or orange thrown in.

...Got a call from Chief to say his dad had been rushed to hospital after a serious fall down the stairs.

...I spent a few hours at an induction held by the Royal British Legion for volunteer caseworkers and visitors.

...Had a fab night out with some friends in a town I'd not visited before.

...Skipped pudding on a night out and then had to sit next to someone eating this! 

Giant Profiteroles
Giant Profiteroles!

...Spent an afternoon trying to apply for a new drivers licence and ended up having to be talked through the process by a lovely DVLA employee called Michael.

...Decided I need a much much quieter week next week ;-)


  1. Best stay in for a quiet week with your FMF say I. ;-)

  2. Sorry to hear about Chief`s dad - hope he`s okay. Susan`s advice is probably best!

  3. The FMF sounds like a consolation prize. Hope Chief's dad is okay.

  4. I'd take to your bed after all that! Hope Chief's dad is okay

  5. Snuggle up with your FMF for the weekend :) Hope chief'd dad is OK. x

  6. put your feet up and have Monday off!

  7. Hope Chief Senior is doing OK.
    FMF makes a lot of other things better xxx

  8. Next time go for the pudding! Sounds like you will need the sugar rush! Jxo

  9. Blimey lady, you've had a hectic time. Relax this weekend (and that's an order!) ;) x

  10. What a week! We both need a vaca. Hope chiefs dad is ok.

  11. my head is spinning from all that you have done! I hope you have a relaxing long weekend planned. Sorry to hear about cheifs dad, hope he is on the mend quickly


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