Thursday, 28 June 2012

Bee(n) practicing.

I haven't had a lot of time for sewing this week. I had the day off work on Monday and Chief and I went to a local arboretum. Neither of us had been before and we're not so inclined to go again. It was really humid and we were both getting eaten alive by horseflies.  We didn't stay long and headed off to Waterperry Gardens so Chief could try out some new lenses.  I haven't sorted my pictures out yet or I'd show you some now.

Yesterday, after school I took my niece and Mum to the local pick your own. Where we picked strawberries, raspberries and broad beans before having tea and cake in the on site cafe.

Soft Fruit
Lots of raspberries as I have a cake recipe I want to try ;-)

This afternoon I managed to get sewing and inspired by the launch of the hipBees I decided to practice my block making skills and what better way with the June Block for Bee Blessed.  I was feeling quite smug as to how well it had gone until it came to trimming the block. Regular readers will know me and maths are not friends. So somehow when I was measuring and trimming I managed to trim more off one side than the other. I probably need a good trimming-for-idiots tutorial.  My trimming error was made all the more frustrating when I realised the ruler next to me was a 12.5" square ruler. I'd thought it was only a 12". If I'd been using this ruler first time round maybe I'd have found things much easier!!!

Anyway this is how the block turned out.

Chocolate Brown, oranges, blues, pinks and green scraps.

I don't think it's as wonky in real life as it is in this picture.  It was very windy when I took this picture. It nearly blew away to Judith in Belfast saving me the price of a stamp!

When Chief came down on Monday he had a gift with him.

P1120002 P1120004 


This is Chief's old number two dress uniform which has recently been replaced due to a change in style. His every day uniform has also changed this year, but in order to have that replaced free of charge he had to hand it back in. It's probably because they are then sold to Army Surplus stores? Anyway, the number two dress must have less resale value and so they didn't have to hand them in.  Chief though I might want it to make into something else, namely a bag.  He left his medal ribbons on and his rank badges but it came without buttons. New uniforms are not issued with buttons. They have to sew on their own. I found this quite amusing. But apparently as badges and buttons are specific to each individual and regiment, it's easier to issue these separately. As Chief belongs to a regiment different to most of his colleagues and subordinates there was a shortage of the right buttons, so he had to rob this uniform.  It's probably as well this didn't come with brass buttons as the thing that surprised me the most was how heavy this uniform is. Clearly the heaviest suit I've ever lifted up.  Oh and in case you're wondering this kind of uniform is the type that's worn at parades like those held on Remembrance Sunday. Chief doesn't have a number one dress uniform as they're quite expensive to buy and you only get issued (for free) with any uniforms that are required for your job.   

I'm looking forward to linking up with Sew Fresh Sewing Day in a few days time as I've been pretty productive this month!


  1. Cool! Are we going to see a prototype Number Two bag soon then?

  2. Oh I can imagine you will turn that into something great, even without buttons! x

  3. Oooh, an interesting challenge with that uniform, looking forward to seeing what it transforms into. The picked goodies look fab too - I'd love a local PYO, oh, and for it to stop raining so I could go if it appeared!

  4. Looking forward to seeing what you conjure up with the uniform. Di x

  5. The heavy fabric from the uniform will make a fab sturdy bag! Great BB block J, thank you! Jxo

  6. I can't wait to see what you turn Chief's uniform into as I know it's going to be wonderful! I love your BB block!

  7. If you made it into a small quilt you could snuggle with Chef while he is away.

    I think there is a book out....ReDeploy that Fabric ? ...with lots of ideas about how to recycle old uniforms.

  8. Hello- found your blog thru' PatchworknPlay and love it!! Love the medal ribbons - what was the MSM medal for? Thanks!!


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