Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Best Kind of Sunday!

Do you ever have days that start off in an ordinary way and then just get better and better? Well, today I had one of those days. I spent the morning cutting out fabric for my first ever attempt at a frame purse. I was philosophical about it. There were so many things that could go wrong and this was all new to me.  After I'd cut out pieces I decided to embroider some flower detail onto the Echino.  It was a surprisingly quick job and I managed to get it all done before lunch!

After lunch the sun was shining and whilst part of me wanted to get on with making my purse, I was conscious we've hardly had lovely summer weather to enjoy. So I took myself off to Monks Risborough where I knew SilverSilverSilver would be exhibiting in St Dunstan's Church as part of Buckinghamshire Art Weeks. (I completely missed Oxfordshire Art Weeks because I don't think it has been advertised so well this year or last.)  I've got several pieces of SilverSilverSilver jewellery as a good friend of mine, who I introduced you to in this post works with one half of the jewellery making team and I'd always marvel over jewellery Sally had bought when her colleague, Violeta had taken jewellery into work to sell.

Anyway, I treated myself to a pair of earrings.

  New Earrings
Silver earrings by Violeta Corzo of Silver Silver Silver

If you're in the area and get a chance to visit St Dunstan's while Art Weeks is taking place, it's well worth a look. In fact Art Weeks in your local area are always worth a look. A great way to see what's being made in your area and engage with the artists themselves.

My Mum, who was with me, and I were about to get a cream tea at the nearby church hall when we realised we were actually still too full up from lunch so we headed for home. On our way I randomly decided to go to the Pick Your Own. First time this year and it was absolutely heaving!  You can see the fruits of our picking labour here:

Strawberries and some clotted cream from the Pick Your Own

When I came home I decided to crack on with my purse frame. It's odd how things work out. There were two aspects of the process that were making me a tad nervous. I figured if anything went wrong it would go wrong with these stages; one being the pattern making, the other being the gluing. I'd read of other bloggers attempting framed purses and getting glue all over their precious fabrics. At the very least I expected swearing. In the end the bit I found the trickiest was sewing together the pouch for the 'turn through method' it was really hard to manipulate the fabric at the hinge seam points. I'd clipped curves and trimmed some bulk from this area as well as clipping curves at the top of the pouch. But prior to it all going into the frame it was all looking a bit...less than perfect!

Anyway, I cracked on. I pressed, I glued, I waited for the glue to get tacky which was far quicker than the five minutes suggested in the U-Handbag instructions. The gluing was far less traumatic than I'd expected.  I actually got more on my fingers than on the frame and none that I can see on the fabric.  But enough wittering on. You want to see how my first frame purse ended up don't you?

The finished pouch. Can you see the embroidered highlights? 
It's not wonky it's just not easy to get an empty pouch to stand up by itself and look anything other than wonky!

The Sweetwater lining. Understated but lovely I think!

I boxed the corners so the bag would stand up by itself. 

Another shot for fun!

So I rate my first attempt a success. Yes, there are tweaks I could make to future pouches, But would I be happy if someone sent me this pouch in the swap?! Yes, I bloomin' well would!

And I hope you all had such a good day as me!


  1. Yay for gorgeous earrings, a fab purse and clotted cream!!

  2. I am sure you give hope to everyone else trying it out for the first time!

    Really beautiful purse!

  3. You purse is beautiful! I'm in love with it!! And I love your earrings. They're exactly the style I like. Win! Win!

  4. So glad you had a brilliant day - and yes that purse looks pretty damn perfect to me!!

  5. Love the earrings, and well done on the frame purse

  6. What a fantastic day indeed! and your purse looks pretty darn perfect from here, I'd be very happy to :) Can I come for tea, we ate our strawberris from the allotment!

  7. It's marvellous - gives me hope for my first framed purse!! I can't imagine being anything other than thrilled if this popped through my letterbox! The earrings are beautiful...

  8. Gosh is that really your first attempt at a framed purse? It's fantastic. And I am drooling over those earrings xx

  9. Oh, I'd be happy too!
    I'm not in the swap, but have made four frame coin purses, but all of those frames had little holes to stitch the fabric on, no glue. Curious to try the glue on kind.

  10. I've always been afraid to try a frame purse as well, in spite of having all the supplies. You give me hope. Yours is lovely.

  11. Your purse looks great! I'd certainly be happy to receive it :-)
    Love your earrings too!

  12. Brilliant purse J! Well done, and glad you had such a lovely day! Jxo

  13. Lovely! I'm so impressed with you and love the new banner :-)

  14. It's lovely, Jan, well done!

  15. Lots to love!! Good for you on the framed purse!

  16. Wow, you got heaps of strawberries! I LOVE your purse, it looks amazing

  17. Wow your purse turned out so great. It's fantastic. Well done xxxx


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