Thursday, 21 June 2012

Frame Purse #2 (The Double 'A' Side)

I whipped up another framed purse last night. I wanted to try and make a shorter fatter version than the first pouch so drew myself up a completely different pattern, and then looked at how it seemed to resemble a squashed baguette and thought I'd not use up all my Melody Miller viewfinder fabric in case the frame ended up looking like the aforementioned  flattened French Stick.  So I opted for a purse that uses view finders on one side and type writers on the other. Lets call it the double 'A' side.

One side has these lovely Melody Miller View Finders

The other side has these Melody Miller Typewriters.

With bold fabrics like these I didn't feel the need for any extra embellishment.  I used more texty print in side giving the impression that maybe it had been whipped up on those type writers. 

Hometown by Sweetwater texy fabric lining.

And I have to say it went together really well and yet I'm left with this nagging, horrible feeling that both pouch 1 & 2 have gone together remarkably well. Too well. Which has left me thinking what if the glue is only superficially holding the purse together.  What if I send one of these off to my partner and they go and put stuff of a weighty nature in the pouch, sling it in their bag and then later when they retrieve the purse, they actually find they are retrieving the pouch sans frame and contents...  I may wake up screaming in the middle of the night having nightmares about this now!!

And as I'm over achieving on the making front at the moment and possibly about to be without my sewing machine if I take it in for service soon, I've started on a little embroidery - inspired by the many I keep seeing popping up on flickr and in blog posts.


I'm thinking this will end up as a mini decorative hoop or maybe an inset feature panel in a pouch.


  1. Stop fretting - it will all be good - love the pouch and yay for stitchy Summersville!

  2. You can always send that fab Melody Miller purse to me for rigourous testing if you like? always happy to help with a little bit of quality control.... ;-)

  3. Pouch is superfab! Do love stitchy summersville too...

  4. Stress not it will be fine - the glue is strong Lisa says so and I believe her!

    Your partner is spoiled for choice - have you decided which one to send!?

    The embroidery looks cheery, bright and beautiful!

  5. Well I bagsy this purse. Melody miller plus sweetwater!!!!!Winning combination :)

  6. Hi from the Brit Quilt swap. I love the capulet on your previous post.

  7. I love the double sides! This is lovely! I wanted to reuse a frame and as hard as I tried I couldn't pull the fabric away from the frame. Stuck for a life time!

  8. I thought the same thing about the purse I made at the retreat and kept shaking it and pulling at it as I fretted. It is still intact. I think the glue is better than I thought. Have faith.

  9. Love the pouch and also that little embroidered panel is soooooooo cute. You are being very productive ��

  10. LOVE your summersville stitching!

  11. you have made two amazing purses, so you shouldn't be worrying! I need to get in to gear and start mine this weekend

  12. Hee hee, I'm trying not to giggle at the idea of the pouchless frame, but that did make me smile tonight! Love the trial combos, and the embroidery on the Summersville is fab - I'm dying to try it, but haven't had time yet.

  13. What a complete triumph your framed purse is. I have been dreaming of one in that viewfinder fabric for a while now.
    I love the lining too.

  14. Another fabulous purse! Your stitchy Summersville looks great!

  15. This is EXACTLY what I have been looking to learn how to make on a workshop. If i bring the cake and tea will you teach me please? ;-p


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