Monday, 4 June 2012

Go Anywhere Bag #2

I thought it was about time I got back in the sewing groove and what better way than with another Go Anywhere bag.

Go Anywhere bag almost camouflaged in my garden!

I made a couple of changes in this version, with varying degree's of success. First off I decided to use Kona, Essex Linen and some of the reprinted Flea Market Fancy.  I thought the bag might be a bit floppy and so I thought I'd use sew-in interfacting. I went for something quite stiff. If I was more organised I'd label all my interfacing so when I grabbed it I'd know exactly what I was using. As it was I just went for the first I pulled out of the drawer that didn't feel light weight. What I didn't figure on was what a nightmare the stiff papery interfacing would be to work with along side linen and Kona.  It's meant the finish at the top of the bag is not that great because where you turn the bag right side out the extra bulk of the interfacing meant it was impossible in places (despite much use of starch!) to get the seams to lie flat as I ironed and not have the lining try and creep out above the exterior.  Even trying to trim so surplus interfacing from the seams didn't help. I knew the top stitching was going to be a pain because of this and that one of the sides was probably going to end up looking a bit shabby and I just hoped it wouldn't be the outside!

I also didn't realise when I ordered the FMF with a bag in mind that the dark colour on the leaves was actually very dark brown. In an ideal world I'd have had some dark brown coloured Kona and not used the Charcoal Kona that was already in my stash.  But I figure it should only be me seeing the lining so better to use up stash than go shopping!

I can't remember what this fabric is but I had a fq in my stash
 and decided to line the back pocket in this.

Likewise some metro circles I had have lined the front pocket a treat. 
It's a shame the lining in the pocket isn't seen more though.  
In fact I wish I'd reversed pocket lining choices.

The other change I made was I used the fold over method rather than the turning inside out method the pattern requests for the straps.  I used a left over scrap of Bella Solid (I think) in a green shade. As I'd effectively got 4 layers of fabric in the final strap, which was then top stitched I decided to not bother with the interfacing step.  It was so much quicker and easier this way.  Some how I managed to sew one strap on twisted, but you'd have to look really hard to spot the error, in fact I didn't notice until I'd done all the top stitching/top seam wrestling, so I decided not to go back and re do it.  If it was for a swap I'd have to go remake this bag sans the interfacing I used and sort out the wonky strap, but as it's for me I really don't mind the little imperfections.  The great thing about bags is once in use they serve their purpose and the little imperfections are unnoticeable.

My new Go Anywhere Bag!

Having not been to the FQ Retreat I'm loving catching up with the blog posts and pics over on flickr. It's so much fun seeing all the fun you all had. I am really hoping that they repeat the retreat next year and I can go for at least one day!


  1. I hope I can go to FQR next year too! I haven't tried the link at the start of this post but is it to a pattern or instructions? If not is there an online method I could try for this bag? I am looking for some things I can try making! :) .... I definitely think it's great to be able to turn some odds and ends of fabric into a useful bag!

  2. I haven't followed the link at the start of your post yet, but does it link to a pattern or tutorial for the bag? I am looking for a pattern to try making some things! It is definitely great to be able to turn odds and ends of fabric into something useful like this bag! :)

    I hope to make it to FQR next year too!

  3. Your bag looks great - have fun using it!

  4. love the bag, the colours are great. I went on the Saturday to London and it was so much fun, I really hope it is repeated

  5. Fab bag - loving the green colours x

  6. Oh the bag looks brilliant! Love the FMF being used.

  7. I love the colours, I'm very envious of your gorgeous bag!

  8. as long as you are happy with your bag... thats all that matters x looks GOOD fom here xx

  9. Love the fabric choices! Looks like you've been enjoying yourself even if you aren't sewing as much.

  10. It looks great, despite the miriad of disasters!


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