Tuesday, 5 June 2012

"Greetings From Down the Road..."

An email entitled just that was how I got to meet Katy of The Littlest Thistle.  I'd spent most of yesterday doing a Clothes Audit. Which is a fancy way of saying I turned out my wardrobes, made a huge mess, bagged up stuff for the clothes bank, pondered my need for big 'hold it all in pants' as I tried on clothes and found I had a few bulges I never used to have.  I'd just taken a break to catch up with all the fab FQR posts and noticed an email titled 'Greetings From Down the Road'. Katy had broken down on her way home from the retreat and was having to stay at Oxford Services over night. She'd remembered I'd said I'd lived near Oxford so thought she'd just say 'Hi'. What she didn't realise is Oxford Services is about 1.5 miles from my house. Any closer and you could probably see my house.

Ten minutes later I was on my way to the services to pick up Katy so we could go out for dinner and meet for the first time ever in the real world and I could get a stitch by stitch account of the FQR!

Gratuitous food shot for Susan. We went to that Thai place near me I've told you about.

After we'd eaten and nattered we went back to the hotel so I could see Katy's FQR swag and the stuff she'd made in the classes.  I left about 11pm just before the two hour free parking was about to expire at the services.  

But not before I got to choose my own Littlest Thistle Moo card. (Note to self: make myself some Moo cards of my stuff before the next retreat, as the only Moo's I've got are of the family for a project I never got around to finishing!)

I picked the bear with a camera...can't think why?!

And not before we balanced my camera on Katy's sewing machine and zippy pouch, set the timer and took a pic of us together. We were laughing so much trying to do this I'm surprised I haven't got my eyes shut and my gob wide open!

It had to be done!

It's made me want to go to next years retreat even more and it's reinforced yet again at how easy the transition from online friendships to offline ones are in our lovely online communities. 

I popped back to the services at lunch time today as Katy was sat in the lobby with all her kit surrounding her waiting for news on her car. Thankfully for Katy the car was fixed earlier than expected and after helping her load up her car we parted company hoping we get to meet again at next years retreat!

It was lovely to meet you Katy and thanks again for dinner!


  1. I saw this on Flickr first and was slightly bemused that it looked like you'd met for the first time in a bedroom!!

  2. How lovely to have managed an impromptu get together :)

  3. How fabulous - you got to have a mini FQR of your own!!! I love the Moo card...so cute!!

  4. what a great opportunity to meet and help her spend some time...and NOT be on her own in a stange town xx

  5. So glad you got to share some Retreat love with Katy!!

  6. thats such a great story! Great that you got to get together and have a chat

  7. Cruel enticing photos of food! So glad you could rescue Katy as I'm further from her than she thought, and spending the day getting Helen checked at the hospital was so entertaining instead. Much rather have been with you two.

  8. ha ha how bizarre that that should happen x

  9. What a brilliant happening!! I remember Katy saying she was a bit worried about the noises her car was making, but who could have foreseen this meeting?! So glad you got to share in the bloggy meet up Jan, see you there next year...if not before! x

  10. Serendipitous! And a nice way to start the preparation for next year

  11. Serendipitous! And a nice way to start the preparation for next year

  12. Dodgy pic, but you were an angel keeping Katy company! Multiply that 'meeting a blogger for real' feeling by 100 and you've got FQR! Jxo

  13. Thanks again for the big rescue, and for introducing me to the Thai place before Susan ;o)

  14. Lucky Katy choosing such a great place to break down!


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