Thursday, 28 June 2012

I'm a hipBee chick!

I have been keeping a little secret for a week or so now. You have no idea how hard keeping this secret has been. In fact how I got through my last post without peppering it with pictures of bee's on flowers in a not-so-subtle hint I'll never know. But drumroll I have joined my first ever proper Bee. I am officially a hipBee. 


As many of you know I have been nervous about joining a Bee for a variety of reasons. Will I be good enough? What if I'm asked to do stuff I can't do without messing up and messing up using other people's treasured fabrics. What if I send treasured fabrics off into the ether and they're never seen again? Oh the list of reasons I've given myself for talking myself out of joining Bee's goes on and on. Maybe it's because the first bee's that came to my attention were Bee's like Ringo Pie. Where you have to have some advance degree in paper piecing and basically be channelling the uber talented Kerry.  Believe it of not the one time I was asked to join a Bee it was by Lynne of Lily's Quilts before she was super famous. I thanked her for her invite and ran away and hid in the corner.

So you may be wondering how I've ended up a hipBee? Over the past year I've been seeing how much fun the Brit Bee girls have been having and it's made me completely re-evaluate Bee's and the pro's for me really do out way the con's. I'd sort of decided I'd join a Bee with a couple of proviso's. 1)I'd prefer to join a UK based Bee. 2) I'd rather join a Bee where I knew some of the people already. They'd be familiar with me and what I'm about (and capable of) and maybe if they were UK based the chances of meeting up in the real world would be increased.  So when Di invited me to join the hipBee's it seemed like fate.  I already know a few gal's on the list and am looking forward to getting to know the others.  

  1. Tanya - Second Chance Tan -
  2. Rachel Addison - Mamma Fairy Sews -
  3. Karen  - Lisnaweary Quilts -
  4. Fiona - Sew Fi -
  5. Collette - Poppie and Poochie -
  6. Renee - Nellie's Niceties -
  7. Lynz - Domestic Light and Magic -
  8. Jan - Isisjem -
  9. Catherine - Sew Wonderful Life -
  10. Sarah - Sew Me -
  11. Judith - Just Jude Designs -
  12. Di - Willowbeck Designs -
So I'm pretty excited. :-)


  1. Oh, you're going to have so much fun! I can't wait to see what you make and what the others make for you!

  2. I am so pleased you finally found the right bee for you. I think you will have a blast because it is such a great group of incredibly nice people as well as so talented!

  3. How exciting! I joined my first Bee this year too, and was just as nervous, but 2 blocks in, I think things are OK so far... just got no idea whatsoever what I'm going to do for my month! :-)

  4. hi fellow hippy chick! just blogged about it too! can't wait to start!x

  5. What a gorgeous Bee of ladies you have.
    Looking forward to seeing how you all get on.

  6. Floral flares at the ready J! It's a privilege to be sewing along side you. Break out the fun! Jxo

  7. Just popped over to say 'hello'! Can't wait to get started!

  8. Its going to be fun!! Can't wait!

  9. Hurray - I am so pleased you have jumped in - you'll be in at least 3 by this time next year!

  10. I always suspected you were a closet hippie ;o) Have fun!

  11. So pleased that you jumped in. We will all be on the journey together and it is going to be fun! Di x

  12. It will be great fun, I am a little nervous too, but I am sure we will enjoy it!

  13. I'm in 5 and just started bees in January! Madness ensues! Have a great time!


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