Sunday, 3 June 2012

Jubilee Saturday

When many of my regular readers were off to 'The Big Smoke' to join in with all the fun and shenanigans at the FQ Retreat I was at home and I thought I'd share some highlights with you of my day. Which involved absolutely no sewing! (Although I intend to do some sewing today - which I can hopefully blog about tomorrow!)

After a trip into Oxford in the morning because I absolutely needed to go (even though I really didn't feel like it.) I had a rest and chill out on the sofa before going off the Jubilee Hog Roast being held in the Orchard next to our village hall. We are very fortunate that 10 years ago when the Church was selling off parcels of land and reorganising accommodation for the incoming vicar (previously our village had had a Rector and the Rectory was the largest ecclesiastical accommodation of a Rector/Vicar in the county or maybe the country) the parish was able to buy the orchard at the bottom of the rectory garden.  Being adjacent to the village hall, it was the ideal place to have a space the whole village could enjoy - not just for events like the annual hog roast but for people to enjoy year round.  This year because of the Queens Diamond Jubilee they decided to make the event a bit bigger or at least different to normal.  A rodeo ride was booked.

That's my niece about to fall off. She is quite accomplished at horse riding, even bare back 
but she said this bull was very slippy.

That's me! 

Look what I did with the red, white and blue in my top.  I have about 6 chins in the picture which I'm sure aren't a normal feature of my face (at least I hope not!) I was actually laughing at my Mum who was struggling to use my DSLR. You see for years we've been telling her when she has a camera she needs to take the picture using the screen not the view finder. So handing her a camera with a screen and telling her to look through the view finder was a bit of a challenge. At this point she was trying to look through the view finder holding it the same distance as you would a screen...

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations.
This is the hog roast which was all completely eaten by the end of the 'do'

I won't bore you with any more pics.  Second Chance Tan was off at the FQ retreat yesterday but her family were at the Hog Roast and her eldest daughter won the best 1950's hat competition and I took plenty of pictures!  I think it's up to Tan, who now has copies of the pics, if she wants to make them public or not. 

Now I'm off to catch up with some more FQ retreat posts and hopefully do some sewing because I really need another Go Anywhere Bag. ;-)


  1. It's amazing your mam got you in the photo at all!!! I hope you get some sewing done today - have fun!

  2. This definately sounded like lots of fun, thanks for the mention - I will have to do a jubilee blog with some of your photos in it x

  3. Looks like lots of fun - and that hog roast looks delish

  4. looks like a fun time...and NO rain!

  5. Looks like you had fun! I love your top - can I ask where you got it from??

  6. I'm getting hungry now! Roast hog....mmmmmmm. And I think your Mum did marvellously - you torture the poor woman with your fancy doohickies! I find DSLR's very heavy, too but I am skinny and feeble. *g*

  7. Looks like a fun day, and giggling at the photo taking shenanigans ;o)


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