Monday, 11 June 2012

My Mystery Tour of a Weekend

Yay! Chief and I got away for a whole two nights together. He kept the destination a complete secret until the last minute. Mainly because there was a lot of last minute on the day hotel booking. He'd tried in vain for a couple of days to get in here or there, but with it being the end of half term week the places on his plan A list were fully booked. I think by the time he did book he was down to plan G or something.  But we had a fab time!

We spent a night at a Days Inn at Winchester Services on Friday as he'd no idea what time he'd finish work and what time it would be when he made it to mine, let alone what time we'd be checking into a hotel. I couldn't find my make up wipes so Chief said to use his. (Well to be fair he never said he had make up wipes...) He was quite amused at me running round the room taking pictures. Military Wet Wipes. Apparently you can buy these in the NAAFI and they're ideal for removing Cam Cream. So maybe he did say I could use his make up wipes. ::wink:: ::wink::

His and Hers
His and Her's Wipes?

The next day we got up, had breakfast at the nearby services and headed off to coast. We couldn't check into our next hotel until 3pm so we headed towards Chichester. We were making it up as we went along. Chief spotted a sign for a butterfly farm, so we stopped by Earnley Butterflies, Birds and Beasts. They had themed gardens with some very pretty and sometimes kitsch planting. My butterfly pics were not so good though and I've not got them on flickr yet.  It's well worth a visit if you're in that neck of the woods and ideal if it's a wet day as it's mostly undercover.

Me at Earnley's Butterflies, Birds and Beasts.

From there we headed off towards Bognor. We briefly stopped off at Pagham because we could see a path to the beach down a side road.

Pagham in West Sussex. It was very breezy but lots interesting plant life growing on the beach.

Then we went off to Bognor Regis. I'd never been there that I recall and Chief had only been there on a lads weekend stopping at Butlins. What can I tell you about Bognor? Hmmm. There isn't much there to get excited about. We did sit on a bench by the beach eating fish and chips. The nicest I'd had for a while, but then they always seem nicer at the coast. Bognor may have hidden depths but on out brief visit we didn't find them.

The Pier at Bognor Regis

We were then in need of petrol. Badly. I'd wanted to go to Brighton and we looked in Worthing for petrol and it was looking like we'd be breaking down due to running out of petrol and then that would probably mean repairs too because some cars just do not like you running out of petrol. It all get's a bit blokey and technical for me now. But Chief was a tad concerned. We couldn't believe how there were no garages or signs for fuel. Eventually we got petrol and then we got a bit lost first heading off in the wrong direction and then missing the sign for Brighton completely and heading off into East Sussex! (This is what happens when you natter too much!) But eventually we made it to a very sunny (if breezy) Brighton. It was absolutely heaving so parking was looking to foil us. But eventually we found a space and had a few hours to explore.  I'd have liked to have spent more time there, as I'd not been since I was a child and there is so much to see and do.

The burnt out remains of the West Pier looks quite striking and they even have some artefact's in storage under cover at the land end of the pier. The Pier has actually had quite an interesting, if chequered history. You can find out more here.

The West Pier at Brighton 
The West Pier at Brighton. 
(Or what's left of it)


I took some more pictures in Brighton which are in this flickr set if you'd like to see more. As the time was about to run out on our parking ticket we headed back towards Portsmouth to check into our hotel suite.   Chief had wanted to stay at least one night somewhere more wow than a travel lodge. He'd even looked at hotel suites in Brighton. But those that still had availability wanted £20 extra parking. We're a bit adverse to these charges. After all if you've spent nearly £200 on a hotel suite for a night can they not give you a nights parking free? Anyhoo the Portsmouth Hilton was nice enough. I've stayed in a suite in a local Q Hotel and I have to say that was much bigger and better and cheaper! Still we ordered room service and chilled for the rest of the evening!

Room Service and the lesser spotted Chief reflected in that mirror!


And a photo for Ceri to see me using (again) that lovely pouch she made me!

Things did not quite go as planned on Sunday. Chief was taken ill at breakfast when he accidentally sugared up his cereal. We think something he put as topping had a ridiculously high content of sugar and despite him saying 'mmm this isn't very nice, it's very sweet', he kept on eating it. When you have diabetes the fine line between not enough sugar and too much can cause problems if you don't walk that line carefully. So after rushing out of the restaurant to be sick and then feeling quite blurgh for the rest of the day we decided to head straight for home. The original plan has been a bit of a wander around Portsmouth. But it was raining too so home seemed the best option. We did stop by Otmoor on the way home. It's like his second home when he's down here. But I've not even begun to sort those photos yet. Then after lunch at Waterperry Gardens it was time for him to head home. I'm glad I had the day off of work today as it's cold and wet and I'm a bit tired. I can't think why though!

Oh and my order from U-Handbag arrived this am. It's order one as when they had a discount that was due to run out today I decided to do another bit of shopping last night. ::Wink:: ::wink:: I decided I was too sleepy today to do anything with the frames. But I will be swotting up on the best tips and techniques in preparation!


  1. In Chichester you were close to the Eternal Maker! And in Brighton Lisa Lam's virtual U-handbag shop!

    Sorry to hear abut the rushed end - hope the Chief is better now!

    15% is 15%! Me too!

  2. Yay for actually getting away as planned!

  3. Sounds like a lovely trip - I'm so glad you got to go but I'm sorry Chief became poorly, I hope he's better now?

  4. Sounds like fun other than the abrupt ending! Loving the his 'n' hers make up wipes ;o)

  5. Oh my goodness you were so near!!!
    No Eternal Maker????!!!
    Earnsley is great though - took the kids a couple of years ago - they screamed!

  6. This was such a fun post for me! If I can't be in England, then I can at least be there through photos!

  7. Fab weekend by the sounds of it.... I have lovely childhood memories of Worthing and Brighton. Thanks for sharing this post x

  8. glad that you managed to get away, although sorry to hear Chief wasn't well on Sunday

  9. Oh I'm using my pouch too.... All around France. Thanks

  10. Glad you got to Brighton, it's fab there! and so glad my pouch got to go too! x


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