Friday, 1 June 2012

No Fresh Sewing Day

After the rain
After the rain.

I had big plans for May. There was going to be so much sewing I'd be filling a huge blog post full of mosaics of lovely stuff the likes of which you'd never seen before. As it is I've not finished a single thing in May. I have stuff I really should have finished. Even my Ferris Wheel has fallen by the wayside despite great weather for sitting in the garden and sewing.  (Well until yesterday when it started raining.) Sewing hasn't been helped by an issue with my neck and shoulder reoccurring. Long story - I won't bore you with. But using the machine at the moment is going to be a struggle.

The only creative stuff I've done has been photography.  Sunday I even went along to my nieces riding lesson to get some pics.  Chief got down earlier than expected and picked me up from the riding school and we got to spend the day together. A compromise after finding out he'd been pulled off a course that would see us in the same county for a whole week, so we'd planned evenings together and everything.

Riding at Franklins Farm
A riding lesson in the gorgeous sunshine.

Busy Bee
At least the bee on this lupin has been industrious.

I went back to the doctors yesterday. I've been feeling a bit low and deflated ever since. I will probably continue to keep a low profile until I've sorted myself out some more.

Those of you lucky enough to be going to the retreat enjoy!


  1. hope you soon feel a bit brighter xx

  2. Night night my friend - hope you feel your lovely happy self again soon xxx

  3. Your photos are beautiful. I hope you feel brighter soon, take care xxx

  4. Thinking good thoughts for you - hope you're on the mend soon!

  5. Hope you are feeling more like yourself again soon x

  6. That yellow daisy is simply stunning - great photo. x

  7. That looks like the arse end of the lesson there... ;o)


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