Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The one where I invent the Dresden Caplet

I've read two posts recently when the Finish-A-Long has been mentioned and how the end of the month is the time to link up the latest quarter finishes with some faberoony prizes. I'm partial to a faberoony prize. It's a while now since Mr RNG decided to spew out my lucky number, so I may be due to 'do a Hadley' at any time now.  So I thought I'd best check up on my FAL list and see what was on it (I couldn't remember) and how many completed items I could link up for the chance to win something.

This is the bit where it all went a bit pear shaped in my attempt to win a faberoony prize. Despite only putting three items on my list. I've managed to not complete any. To be fair I did soon crack on with item one 'The Hope Valley Colour Brick Quilt" but that needs the binding sewing on to be properly finished and it was also the first time I mentioned having walking foot issues. So that's been put to one side for now while I decide if my sewing machine can cope.

Another item on the list was the over sized dresden that was first part of a QAL over at Lily's Quilts. I only ever intended doing one dresden and despite showing you the blades all cut out in this post, I never actually did sew them together.

So I grabbed them out of the drawer and decided to whip up a dresden ring.  I thought I'd ignore the funny noises my sewing machine was making and maybe try and work it into submission.

It was super quick and easy to sew all the blades together and they make a nice satisfying ring:

Dresden ring in a selection or greys, oranges, blues and greens.

Having reached this stage I remembered why I'd been procrastinating over finishing it. Even if I applique the big circle onto a piece of fabric - Which is looking the more tempting than piecing it into the background - I would like to piece in the centre circle. This will mean something scarily akin to maths. It will require the compass from a back to school compass set, that I bought with this job in mind.

This is me recreating the scene last night when 
I decided to have a really close look at the big gap in the middle. 
I reckon I could get my head through here!

And then in a rash moment. I thought maybe there was an even better idea than piecing or appliqueing the dresden.  Maybe I could just pop it over my head and turn it into an outfit.

Voila! I give you the The Dresden Caplet

I can tell everyone who made one of these dresdens and turned them into a quilt
 are secretly gutted they didn't spot the sartorial style opportunity that is a dresden caplet.

This is me modelling it from the side. I'm thinking for next years retreat never mind name tags 
everyone could just turn up in a dresden caplet in the fabric of their choice.

Now I'm thinking a bit of bias tape round the outside and the inside of the dresden and I can call this finished and link it up for a chance to win one of those faberoony prizes.   

Of course it may just be the world is not quite ready for the Dresden Caplet and it's better to finish it the conventional way. Now Lynne if I get stuck can you help me with the circle in the middle? As you can see mine is er...head sized :-) 

An update after yesterdays post: Thank you for all your comments on yesterday's post. I popped into a shop in a nearby town that I thought, as they sell basic sewing machines, they may also service them. It turns out they do have a chap come in and for £65 he'll service the machine and give it a 6 month warranty. Any additional parts and labour are charged on top. But as I'm quite happy with my machine I think this is what I'll end up doing. The alternative is buying a much fancier machine and that would mean a bit of saving and probably no fabric buying for about 5 years. So it's something to save up for gradually if possible!


  1. Creativity at it's best. You never know, these may start popping up all over blogland and etsy!

  2. You are such a fashion icon Jan! Or will be when this catches on!

    You could applique the circle in the middle on top. Or applique the whole thing onto the background - and tuck the inner edge under - reverse applique! Or slip another fabric in the middle for contrast - or try out Lu Summers porthole technique - lots of options!

    Looking forward to seeing what you do!

  3. I'll say it again, you are a nutter! Although I do think it actually works quite well as a caplet, I'm guessing non-quilters will disagree ;)

  4. Looks great as an outfit. You could put it on a table with a vase over the middle hole.... Then no one would know it was there!

  5. I am not sure I know you!!
    See my luck at the moment is more Bridesmaid than Bride, but you do have to be in it to win it ;) x

  6. You are hysterical!
    I think I prefer the Dresden 'sunflower' look tho rather than the caplet?!
    I can just imagine everyone turning up at Retreat next year in their Sunflower Wimples, eh?!

  7. ROFL, yep, I can see it on the runways of Paris and Milan now... ;o)

    Hope the service goes well :o)

  8. I'd call that a finish. Tick that box and move on to the net item,

  9. Is doing a Hadley the same as doing a Helen off of Archie the Wonder Dog)? She has won so many giveaways recently- I've noticed this on a lot of blogs I've read. Lucky, lucky, lucky.

  10. Ha ha! Brilliant! and so much easier than piecing a centre in! Talking of which, have a look at this - Sarah suggested to me for piecing a circle recently and it worked circle to cut from your centre fabric either. The possible flaw I can see for using it in your circumstance would be that you lose a little of the petals in the seam allowance...but might be worth a trial run on a lesser valued caplet? :)

  11. LOL! What a funny post! Good to see you having fun with your dresden! It makes a lovely caplet, but it would make an even lovelier table centre (minus the head of course!). Jxo

  12. Ooh la la! Tres chic mon ami! ANd all that jazz. You bonkers woman. Great news about the machine, though!!

  13. I know you're avoiding quilted waistcoats but I think this is going a step too far...still, if anyone can carry it off it'll be you!

  14. You're amazing and hilarious. You do know that someone, somewhere will actually do this.

    Hope your machine gets well quickly!

  15. You are so funny! Thanks for the laugh!


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