Saturday, 16 June 2012

Saturday Stitchiness

It feels like I've been sewing on and off for most of the day, but I was determined to get my ferris wheel top pieced. And Ta Da! here it is:

Ok it's not the greatest picture but one outside in the rain won't be much better! 
You'll have to take my word for it when I say it's pretty darn lovely.
 I may have to order some fusible fleece in order to finish this cushion!

Sewing this up has given me a bit of chance for reflection today.  A couple of people have said after the retreat they felt in awe of the talent around them and I have to admit I feel pretty much like that every time I read someones blog. And inspiring as seeing all the fantastic things you all make is, I confess at times I look at what I make and think. Meh - when did I get to be so rubbish and uninspiring. I've been sewing for more years than I care to remember, at times it feels I was better when I was a beginner than the intermediate I'd say I am now.

I've come to realise feeling like that is actually making really lack confidence in trying new things. There are some aspects of sewing I could do to an advanced level. I'd say English Paper Piecing and Embroidery are two of them. There are other things I really want to master like Paper Piecing - both foundation and freezer paper. I've been quite scared of both. Although in the case of foundation piecing. I don't know if I'm thick, but it's like the instructions are written in some foreign language and even the videos on U-Tube everyone swears by, have just made me feel like I need to be able to pop my head on upside down or something to master it.

I had to visit a neurologist recently who got very excited about the fact I really struggle with knowing my left from my right. He made me do all kinds of stressy tests designed to see if I could work out my left from my right. I wonder if the part of the brain that makes something as elementary as knowing left from my right, is also in charge of whether a person can foundation paper piece!

One new thing I'm super excited about trying is making a framed purse for the In The Frame Purse swap.  I'm very excited to have a partner with tastes very similar to mine. This means my practice purse could end up for me or my partner depending on how purse number two goes. It may seem a bit of an odd way of approaching practicing, but I've lost count of the times I've made a practice item in less than lovely fabrics and it's gone like a dream. Then I go to recreate the item with the correct fabrics and everything that can go wrong, goes wrong. So my plan is to make a few purses and decide which my partner gets afterwards. 

So this is what I've pulled for pouch attempt number 1:

Pulling fabric for Practice.
Some Echino - not sure what it's called. Some Sweetwater text fabric and Perle threads. 

The plan is Echino for the external side and the Sweetwater for a pop of interested lining fabric.  Then perle on the outside to add a spot of embroidered goodness. All I have to do then is hope I've not messed the pattern making bit up and I can glue the assembled pouch into the frame.  I'm going to have fun though and that's the important thing isn't it? And if I mess it up I already have ideas for fabrics for purse number 2!


  1. You sound like a purse making addict already - but one just isn't enough!

  2. A plan in place already. Wow! And your hand sewing looks fabulous, poor lighting or not. It is going to be a stunning cushion.

  3. I can't tell my left from my right either...

    Your cushion is looking fabulous, as are your fabrics, etc. for the purse!

    I love everything you make. And you missed something off your 'I'm really good at...' list - bags!!!

  4. I love the things I've seen on your blog!! And I love your selection for your framed bag!! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  5. I absolutely adore your cushion!!! And the first purse pull is damn fine too.
    Try to follow Katy's Foundation Paper Piecing for the Terrified - I was terrified, now I am champing at the bit to do Lynne's ET and some more New York Beauties - honestly 6 months ago I would have cried!

  6. LOVE how your EPP turned out, very cool and trendy.

    Now I don't know my left from my right (I'm dyslexic), but I can paper piece :oD Try the FPPFTT series on my blog and see how it works, and give me a shout if you need help :o)

  7. I love, love, love your cushion! You've done pretty much the exact same layout I was planning, but in very different colours. Foundation piecing scares me too, but it looks to me like you definitely have the skills to pull it off.

  8. Well, I'm hoping that I am your partner, as I love what you have put together. I am rubbish at my left and right as well, although I can paper piece: so you can't use that as an excuse :-) You should just go for it and it will all fall in to place
    Love your ferris wheel

  9. Great choices for your first purse! It took ages for me to pluck up the courage to do paper piecing but it suddenly clicked and there's no stopping me now. If I think about it too much I end up muddling it up so I tend not to think about it :)

  10. I am in total awe of that cushion. It's going to be so fabulous when it's done! Loving the pics for the purse too :-)

  11. Sounds like you've got a good philosophy there! We all have strengths and weaknesses, and no-one knows it all, so we are all learning new things. And some techniques just click more with some than others (or not as the case may be). Cut yourself some slack, stop comparing yourself, and take confidence in the ability and talents you already have, and have an open mind about learning new things! Here endeth the lesson!! Jxo

  12. Your Ferris Wheel is amazing! What beautiful work.

  13. Regarding your left and right dilemma, you could consult an occupational therapist. Many young children have these types of difficulties. They may also occur for no obvious reason at times throughout life. Totally fixable. If you are unable to find an occupational therapist find an experienced early childhood teacher aged around 50 years or more. These issues will be familiar to her and she may have some simple physical exercises you could try. Otherwise go to a library (University or education if possible)and find some activities for psycho-motor development. Look at: crossing the midline, flipflops, crawling, and diagonals. Give it a go.

  14. I am way behind on reading/commenting. But I just had to make sure and pop in on this post to remind you that I find you uber inspiring!


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