Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Tea for Two - well storage at least.

Well, it's still the first week of June and already I've managed to double my productivity on May. 

Any ideas what I've just whipped up? 

Chief is planning a weekend away for us shortly. He suggests one place and then his mind flits to somewhere else and he's had a change of plan and location. I'm leaving it up to him. It seemed he was looking to 'push the boat out'. I sent him a text and said: "This isn't instead of Paris is it?" Apparently not. It's as well as Paris. It's because Paris has not happened yet and I guess he wants to make some extra effort because this year the British Army has found even more inventive ways to scupper our plans at every turn. It's pretty much accepted that the needs of the service always come before the needs of the individual. So you really just have to get on with things in good humour and seize opportunities when they arise.  Either that or find yourself a partner with a 9 - 5 job ;-)

Part of my contribution to this weekend away is to sort out the snacks and drinks for the journey and the 'brew kit' as we're rarely impressed with what's on offer in hotels and I like decaff tea after mid morning or I'm liable to be wide awake until stupid o'clock, even if I'm worn out.

So tonight I got around to making myself a brew kit holder. I've been meaning to make one for ages. I even made Chief one and showed you in this post. That brew kit was a bit more man sized than I needed. So I made a slightly longer version of those tea wallets you get to pop in your handbag. I didn't do much in the planning I just got on with the sewing and made it up as I went along. Sometimes spontaneity works. Sometimes it goes wrong. Thankfully this was the former.

The teaspoons are just visual aids to show you I've made the two end pockets 
deep enough to stuff in milk or coffee sticks.

There is enough room in this holder for plenty of assorted drinks. I used some Essex linen in sand that was left over from making the Go Anywhere bag the other day. The gingham type print is by Lakehouse Dry Goods and the tea pot and jam fabric is some I won from a give away held by VeryKerryBerry when I was first blogging.  I've nearly used it all up now. It's nice to have eeked out in so many projects though.

Talking of which this month I have my second bloggy birthday. I think I'll be needing to do a give away don't you? Just have to think of what first.


  1. it looks wonderful... hope all goes well... fingers crossed xx

  2. What a great idea! My fingers are also crossed!!

  3. May the British forces see fit to actually let you two see a plan through from beginning to end!

  4. oh thats such a great idea!

  5. Very cunning plan! Although I think you might need the spoons anyway, given how hard I find them to track down at services and the like!

  6. Your brew kit turned out brilliantly :) I sincerely hope you get to Paris soon!

  7. That adorable thing would make a lovely tutorial for gift-giving if you felt like sharing the measurements ;-)

  8. what a fantastic idea. fingers crossed that you get away as planned

  9. What a cute little wrap- recognised the fabric straightaway!

  10. That is gorgeous, Jan!! I love pretty wee useful stuff like this (and as a tea drinker I appreciate having a decent cup!)


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