Saturday, 28 July 2012

Bee-n Playing and Olympic Fun!

I sat up last night and watched the whole of the Olympic opening ceremony. What can I say: WOW! I confess at times I've been firmly in the camp that thinks the Olympics was not good for London. The huge expense in a time of recession and all the negative side to hosting it seemed to make the event come at too high a price.  However, as it's got closer I've found myself getting more and more enthusiastic about it and at times emotional. Like last Sunday when I watched on the BBC torch relay coverage, my school friend Arun, carry the torch through part of London - having his Moment to Shine.

His Moment To Shine
Arun's moment to shine!

Last night I felt truly overwhelmed by the amazing feast for the senses Danny Boyle had put together to show case what's great about Great Britain. Even the sceptics on face book who started off moaning about the opening, seemed to change their tune as the show went on.  So many highlights it's hard to pick just one.  I have to say as a normally patriotic kind of girl, I felt incredibly proud watching the opening ceremony.  So many reasons as to why there is a 'Great' in Great Britain and I'm glad for once we did blow our own trumpet as far as achievements go. As a nation we definitely took our Moment to Shine last night.  I also loved that many of the athletes in the parade had brought along cameras and video equipment and were intending to capture the moment themselves, not rely on the professional coverage. As a complete photo junkie I've often wondered at big events why nobody has snuck a camera or their iphone into their bags and pockets because I'm not sure I could resist!

The view from my sofa
The view from my sofa last night!

So today I got up feeling a bit rubbish. I'd planned on a lie in as I've not felt great this week. Bit of a tummy bug I think.  But the neighbours seemed to be intent on banging every cupboard and wardrobe in the room next to mine first thing. I did go back off to sleep, although when I eventually did get up I felt like one of the Walking Dead.  I put the TV on to watch a selection of Olympics and set about doing the second block for Fiona.  I had the idea for this block before I did block one. It was an ambitious idea and several times I thought I should just do something different.  But you know when you get an idea and even if it seems a bit mad, you just have to do it? Well this was one of those times.

Fiona's brief requested a higher volume traditional block in amongst a low volume larger block.  I wanted to do a block that included some reverse and needle turn appliqué. It was going to be ambitious because the high volume block was to be the considerably smaller part of the overall block.  This meant some small appliqué.  The appliqué parts took most of the day.  There were times when I thought I was made to be doing this.  I used some of my own Flea Market Fancy stash to add to the bits Fiona sent me and now I see the block all together I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I just hope Fiona feels the same way - especially as I got a bit carried away and it's a bit larger than it should be (you can trim down if you want Fiona!)

Second Block For Fi
Block for Fiona

My Mum is due back from an 8 day holiday to Scotland tonight.  The weather hasn't always been kind to her but she seems to have had a good time each day when she's phoned. I now need to go and remove threads and fabric scraps from everywhere, as being this creative was not a tidy process ;-)


  1. Another fab block!
    I watched the opening ceremony too and am feeling decidely fragile for the lack of sleep, but it was worth it! So proud to be British! Danny Boyle did a fantastic job!

  2. What a pretty block! Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Ooh, block 2 looks fab! I'm having fun watching the red button on the Beeb and choosing my sport to watch - I'm such a geek lol

  4. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!
    Can you hear me squeaking? I absolutely LOVE this block! Love love love! It's beautiful! Big is fine too, I certainly won't be trimming it down :) Thankyou!
    Hope you feel a bit better soon x

  5. like Fiona eeek! awesome block and so glad Fiona loves it!! I watched all the ceremony too and being Scottish don't always feel British, BUT last night I felt proud to be British. It was awesome! Get well soon x

  6. Totally agree re. the opening ceremony. We too watched every minute of it and kept saying "oh wow!"
    Love your block for Fiona.

  7. So nice to see the photos from the opening ceremony and torch relay. I don't have any access to watch the olympics so I'm having to get it vicariously through blogs. Great block you made. She will love it.

  8. I watched it too: it was absolutley amazing. I have been looking forward to the olympics for a while and have not been dissapointed so far.
    Love the block you have done for Fiona

  9. Beautiful block J! Love the applique. jxo

  10. I feel completely the same about the Olympics - Im completely converted. In factttttt, I`m watching the judo as I write - judo! Who`d have thought? Lovely block too.

  11. Oh, I love your block!!! Hope your sicky bug goes soon - mine has left me with no appetite and even less energy than usual :o(

  12. what a pretty block!!!!!!!!


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