Thursday, 19 July 2012

Chief's Recipe for Deep Fried Ice Cream

Last night Chief came over after his course and we went to the local Thai place. The place Katy and I went that time.  Chief hadn't been before.  Tomorrow I'm going to make him Mexican before he has to head home and then head off to the North East for work. Mexican hadn't really been on my radar, although Chief loves it.  I've tried to make it him before, but several times I've had it all ready and something has happened and he's not got down to share it.   It means he's only once before tried my deep fried ice cream. Which is actually his recipe and apparently you get this on the dessert menu in Mexican restaurants. He thinks I make it the best. I have no idea where he got it from; only that it is far more delicious than the core ingredients would suggest.  As it's best made the night before I've just made some.  I was going to do a step by step photo recipe until I remembered  it's quite a messy-in-progress recipe so I'll leave some bits to the imagination.


To make Chiefs Deep Fried Ice Cream you will need some vanilla ice cream, some cornflakes and some runny honey.  I use cup cake cases to keep the Deep Fried Ice Cream together in the freezer as this recipe is best put in the freezer over night.  This is the first time I've used diabetic ice cream and I wouldn't recommend it if you don't have to. It didn't hold together as well as regular ice cream. As Chief is diabetic I felt I should cut out as much sugar as possible though! An ideal ice cream is soft scoop as it will allow you to get nice round balls of ice cream out using a scoop.

Half fill a freezer bag with cornflakes and then smash the heck out of them with a rolling pin.  Go on get stuck right in and if it helps to imagine someone who's got on your nerves during the day then go for it!


You don't want a bag of fine powder but you do want about the stage before that.  When you've done this tip the contents into a small bowl.


Next add a nice big dollop of runny honey onto a plate. (The plate doesn't need to be vintage as in my picture! )  Keep the rest of the honey on hand because you might need more.

For the next stage I couldn't get any pictures. I was covered in cornflakes, ice cream and honey!  Grab an ice cream scoop and get a nice ball of ice cream out and roll it around in the honey on the plate. It may be easier to use a couple of soup or dessert spoons for this bit and you may need to drizzle more honey straight onto the ice cream ball.  When it's well coated - you need to work quickly to stop it melting and it might be easier to use your hands (You remembered to wash them well first didn't you?) - dump the ball into the bowl of cornflakes and toss it around well so its coated in cornflakes. Then pop it into a cup cake case and sit it in a freezer proof container ready for the freezer and go make another...and another. They're quite rich so you maybe only want to allow two per person.  


I couldn't get the diabetic ice cream to hold together so these are not the most photogenic Deep Fried Ice Creams I've ever made.  They taste good though; I licked all the utensils clean before I washed up! 

Tomorrow I'll serve these with whipped cream with grated chocolate on top. And in case you're wondering they only look like they've been deep fried. They don't go anywhere near a deep fat fryer!

Edited to add pictures of how they normally look when I haven't used diabetic ice cream. 

Deep Fried Ice cream


  1. hmmm, might give this a try.... have you ever tried it with crunchy nut cornflakes?

  2. Ohhhhh!! I quite fancy them with crushed Maltesers instead of cornflakes ;o) (And no honey 'cos I don't like the taste...)

  3. Oooh the possibilities of entertaining the kids with different outer layers is perhaps something I will resist, and just make for myself in private!!

    (I hope that doesn't sound like I have an eating disorder - just greedy x)

  4. Lol, Chief won't be able to fit his uniforms by the time he goes home at this rate ;o)

  5. Mmmmmm interesting idea - might give this a try x

  6. Never heard of this before! Not a fan of ice cream so can't decide if I would like this or not!!


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