Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Craft Corner Progress

I don't have a lot of time to sew this week as Chief is on a course in the same county as me. Which means he can see me almost every night. He can't tonight as he has homework in the form of a team project. It did feel sort of strange seeing him yesterday after 'work' when I'd seen him just the day before.  I am feeling more obliged to do housework this week as Chief does find my aversion to housework a bit of a challenge and as he'll be spending more time here this week, I thought I should make a bit more effort!  You may start to get sick of my craft corner updates, but I figured if I feel obliged to tell you all how I'm progressing, I may actually achieve something this time!

Today I set about tidying up the bench area. I tried out my cutting mat here for size. I need to fold my scraps in the mini picnic basket, but as I'll be pulling it out tomorrow to stuff some in my give away purse I figured that job could wait.

Progress so far

I need to get my brother to fix the magnetic noticeboard on the wall opposite to where it's now sat. That way it won't be visible from the rest of the room.  I may hang a mini quilt in its current place. You may also spot a few treasures I've had in swaps like the fabric basket that I've been rounding up scraps into.  I won't show you under the bench or the rest of the room because, the rest of the room in particular, is not looking that great...yet.

It seems I'm not the only one having a tidy up. When I got home from work I saw the neighbours had started having the laurels that block out a lot of view and light from our garden cut down.  The neighbour popped round and said he intends getting the fence between us replaced next week.  He also asked if we'd seen the truck that had turned over down the farm track that was needing some assistance to right.  (I didn't like to mention it would have been a bit difficult for us to see the farm track until he took some of his laurels down.)  When I did go and have a look out of the bedroom window I saw the truck that had turned over looked like a dustbin lorry and it needed a crane to get it upright and a huge flat bed lorry to take it away. It explains why it was so late before the rubbish was collected yesterday!


  1. It's starting to take shape and looks all nicely organised there now.

  2. Its looking good. How lovely that you get you get to spend time with chief this week, hope you are having a lovely time

  3. Hope the truck driver was okay! All sorts of excitement round your way - date nights, housework and new views!

  4. Your corner is looking smart - unlike the binlorry - that is karma for them blocking the roads on purpose I reckon!

  5. Lol, if I ever find a bloke he's either going to have to love cleaning himself, or put up with my occasional attempts ;o)

    As for the bin lorry, we went through a series of them tipping over on a roundabout just up from where I used to work until they finally fixed the camber on the road, alas, it wasn't the bin lorries with the mashers on the back, it was artics full of rubbish!

  6. Drama! I hope they get it righted soon.
    Your corner looks very tidy, I'd love to see the rest of the room because I'm nosy and love to look at others' homes!

  7. I bet the extra light in your garden is wonderful - do you keep looking out of the window just to admire all the sky you can see?! Keep going with the craft corner tidying - it's looking wonderful!

  8. Ha ha!! Brilliant tidying, mate! See, baby steps and you'll get there. I want to see underneath next. I wish our neighbours would offer to replace our fence, even just an offer of help would be amazing!


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