Friday, 6 July 2012

Friday Stuff!

Do you think you'd like this pinnie partner? 
Excuse the dodgy pics the light is not great.  The linen is not as dark as this.

I have been procrastinating on what to make for the extra in the framed purse swap.  I thought my partner might like a little pin cushion. I opted for a spot of linen and text with a few 1/2" hexies made from Liberty scraps.  It's the sort of thing I'd like myself. I've come to the conclusion it's best to make stuff you'd love yourself. For one if my partner hates it I get to keep it and two, it's more enjoyable that way and I think I make better if I'm using fabrics I love.

The text fabric is new. I had a good mail day as this was amongst the bills today.

Good Mail
Texty fabrics and other treasures.

It's felt like a while since I've had a good mail day.  All these came from Sew Me A Song. They'll be ideal for my low volume quilt. I didn't buy them for this though. I bought them to feed my texty fabric addiction! I got the lined fabric because I've always coveted the Cosmo Cricket lined fabric which I've only ever had already used in items I've received in swaps. 

Last night I made another Low Volume block using up another Farmers Wife block. 

Last Nights Low Volume Block
It's not this wonky it's just on a chair cushion that I didn't plump up first!

I'm not sure what block I'll make next, but I'm sure some of that new fabric will figure in.  I have the first completely free weekend in what feels like forever and as the forecast is rain and flood I may stay in all weekend and sew up a storm.

I hope wherever you are you're dry and safe. Having to walk to the car after work via the bank was not a pleasant experience. I say walk. It was paddling to be precise.  The water was ankle deep for most of the High Street.  Despite a brolly, waterproof over trousers and a waterproof coat I was wearing sandals.  I've had nicer journey's home.


  1. I adore your latest low volume block! And the pincushion is fabulous - your partner is bound to be thrilled!

  2. I bet your partner will love that pin cushion! It is gorgeous.

  3. You lot are really getting a dulege! Hope you get some respite soon. Love the pinnie, and great philosophy too! jxo

  4. Lovely little cushion! Your low volume blocks are fab. I might just have to add a low volume quilt to my lengthy 'to do list' :)

  5. You have the right idea about the weekend!

  6. Great little pin cushion! Stay dry!

  7. I love this pincushion! Lucky partner!

  8. You are sending me on a shopping trip again ! Love the fabrics and the pincushion! And your FWs!

  9. Ooooo I love those text fabrics. You will have to get a canoe to travel home in (I heard it was bad there) x

  10. The pincushion is gorgeous, as is the text fabric. Your block is stunning! Hope you're having a great time sewing :) x

  11. Cute, and I also grabbed that bundle in my last shopping spree at SMAS, hopefully it'll be waiting for me getting back


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