Friday, 13 July 2012

I could cry really I could. So I'm having a give away instead.

My third framed purse - would you like this one partner? 
I promise 'll scratch off all the glue from the frame.

Maybe it's the Friday the Thirteenth effect.  In the last two hours of sewing two things have gone wrong in a spectacular way.  Regular readers will know I've been having a few machine troubles. I decided that next week I'd have to make it to the local town where I've found a shop that has someone come in and do servicing.  I thought in view of this I should crack on with a few WIP's I need to get done sooner rather than later.  Then last night I was laying in bed listening to the rain and contemplating another drenching on the way to work, when I wondered if the problems I'd been having were to do with the feed dogs.  I thought that maybe the mechanism that allows you to rise and lower the feed dogs had accidentally been knocked and maybe I'd been sewing with them lowered or something.  So earlier I got out my manual and worked out what I had to do to lower the feed dogs and what do you know - the mechanism doesn't work. When I unhooked the lever and moved it to the right and rehooked it, as suggested in the manual, the feed dogs dropped and refuse now to go back on their own to the raised position. I can see by pushing my finger up under them that they were sitting far lower than they should in the first place.

This begs the question what is likely to be wrong. I've taken off the plate that covers them and checked screws etc but I think whatever isn't right is way inside the machine.  Should I take the machine in and pay the £65 service charge and just hope the prices for the repair aren't stupid?  (It looks like I'll have to pay the service cost to get even an estimate as this is the charge for service/looking at the machine with additional charges for parts etc on top.)  Or should I cut my losses and start shopping for a new Janome. I do want a Janome. I realise that even if I trim down my wish list I'm still likely to be shelling out a good chunk of dosh for a machine - which is doubly scary when I'll have to order it online. There is a decided absence of sewing machine retailers in the area. So I can't try before I buy.

Any suggestions will be very welcome. I have access to another machine. A very basic Brother a friend kindly destashed in my direction. But it's not a joy to use and it feels like I've gone from driving a nice sports car to something with far less va va voom.

So I decided to try out the Brother with some straightforward stitching - which I've never done on it. I normally use it for free motion type work.  I don't have a manual for it so it takes some fiddling to do stuff with it.  It has an automatic needle threader for example - but no idea how that functions.  The plan was to finish the hexie purse for my partner.  It was all going relatively well until I glued the frame in wrong so I could only close the purse by turning the purse inside out. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Thankfully I could rip it all out before the glue was too set. I'll spend a good chunk of time now picking glue off the frame. Oh and the hexies are wonky because I obviously didn't sew them on straight and it's noticeable. So my partner may not like this purse. Even though I think it's quite cute.

The Lakehouse Dry Good Penelope fabric lining.  
Ok so it's glued in wrong in this photo but I sorted that partner. 

Glueing the frame purse.

I need to get the glue off the frame. Do you like this partner or prefer the first purse I ever made?

On to the giveaway. If you've sat through this heap of woe-is-me you jolly well deserve a giveaway. And as I didn't do my blogiversary one last month, I am well over due one.

How about this framed pouch with melody miller typewriters (which a smarter person would have fussy cut - ho hum) one side and those cool view finder reels the other. I'll fill it with some scraps and stuff.  It's not the 2-4-1 tote some of you were hoping for, that'll be for another giveaway.

It's surprisingly roomy and I'll stash some scraps and stuff in here before posting ;-)


How to enter:

Just leave a comment - it's that simple. If you've any sewing machine related advice to my current dilemma would be jolly useful.

Anyone can enter providing I can mail it to you. Please check you're not a no-reply blogger. If you are you need to leave your email address in the comment. If I can't contact you I'll have to re draw. It's surprising the number of no-reply-bloggers that comment. I notice when I go to reply to your lovely comments and it tells me I can't :-(

I'll drawer a winner on Wednesday 18 July 2012

Winner Drawn!


  1. FIRST!! Well crap, I'm not winning, am I? Heh.

    A big hug for your machine troubles! Bloody thing. At least you know what the problem was, though - I'm sure there's an advantage to the knowing, if only I could think of it. I love my new Janome (QC 5900) and didn't try it out either. Since it was a huge Christmas surprise from the spouse (many, MANY brownie points there!) so online reviews are obviously decent coz he cased them for weeks!

  2. Don't cry. Your purse is very sweet and I'm going to email you about a new machine x

  3. Oh dear! I hope you get things sorted - have you tried wiggling the fly wheel? it works for me!

  4. Machine woes can make you crazy. I bought a Bernina, when I got a little gift of some extra cash, because it is the only machine other than a Brother or a Singer one can purchase where I live. I thought it was worth it to have a repair person available and to be able to get the right parts. I hope you get it sorted. Bravo for you making the purses. I don't even want to try them!

  5. Sod your partner send the purses to me :)

    Machine trouble sucks. I have a Janome DC3050 which I bought from John Lewis without testing it. I've been very happy with it and it was under £400 which I felt was decent for the fancy stitches and other things that it does. Hope you find something soon :)

  6. PANTS about the sewing machine and glue issues.

    YIPPEE about the giveaway. I am not in the framed purse swap so you should definately pick me!!

  7. It sounds like one of those days! I love your hexie purse - I think the hexies are rotated enough so that it looks deliberate! The giveaway purse is wonderful and I'd love to welcome it into my home!!! I hope your evening is better than your day has been xx

  8. Poor, poor you. So sorry about the sewing machine and thank you for the giveaway. Let us all know the outcome. Di x

  9. Well the purse looks cute, sorry about all the machine crap though. Hopefully the service will sort the problem, and won't need any more parts.

  10. me please! I hope you find somewhere to try some Janome machines. I got a new one for Christmas, but that might be a bit basic for your needs. Certainly if you contact the LMQG, lots of the members have Janome's and can give you advice and feedback. Also, the Wallingford shop, although further away, is only £45 for a service.... :-)

  11. Can you wait and visit the Festival of Quilts in mid August!? I think they have a few makes there to try out and you make see me there!

    I love your hexy purse and it's tale of woe only makes it special! Bit like my baguette!

    Your giveaway purse is cute...I may have said that before!

  12. I had a similar prob with my machine. Turned out something had seized due to dust, oil and fluff all jammed in there and it needed was a good service. Fingers crossed foryou! And I (heart) your frame purses - they both looks amazing!

  13. Hey when that purse is crammed full of all my money, I won't notice the wonk!
    Oh I think it's good you have found the problem - have you googled any feed dog tips?
    I have a Janome605QXL and love it xxx

  14. What a bummer of a day! Machine trouble can be so frustrating and upsetting. My feed dogs will only come up again when I turn the fly wheel, not when I try to adjust the button that dropped them - could it be the same for you? Other than that I am useless with machinery so have no more helpful suggestions.

    Your purses are both lovely. Hope you get sorted with the machine soon.

  15. You really should google the problem like one of the other followers suggested. It is amazing what help is out there.
    I bought a new Bernina earlier this year after my Elna drove me nuts, after only 30 years faithful service. I chose the Bernina because I could get it serviced here.
    Wish I could take a course in sewing machine servicing.
    No, Friday the thirteenth makes no difference, but the presence of a low grade virus that probably cleared up after a good sleep may have influenced your decision making. The purse has character and artistic flair.

  16. I just got a new Janome..LOVE it. You are being WAY too hard on yourself about the hexy pouch. I'd bop you on the head and steal it....which is what I'd have to do since I'm not in the swap. Booo.

  17. Oh no, thats rubbish!! Nothing worse than having to fork out for anything,especially when the price could just keep going up!
    Your purse looks fabulous and your partner should be very happy to receive it

  18. I had a feed dogs problem and I was really frustrated.... til I realised that the switch only lowers the dogs, they don't come back up until I pressed the pedal. Doh.

    But anyway I got frustrated by my machine not being able to cope with the hammering I put it through and bought a new machine this month and love it, though I couldn't really afford to buy it so now I have the usual money regret anxiety thing. It all depends really how much you love your current machine. If you did get it fixed, would it be good enough to sell on to raise money to pay for the new machine you've been thinking of? It might be worth it if so.

  19. Oh how I wish you were closer as I have one that I would let go in exchange for a bit of fabric over time. To mail it to you would be ever so pricey! I hope someone comes through for you very soon!!

  20. I just went to update my links and add yours, and see my blog is already on yours. Thanks very much!

    I love everything you sew and sorry I can't offer any SM advice. I just hope you fix the issue soon.

  21. After my first ever session of free motion quilting with the feed dogs down, I couldn't figure out how to get them back up again.

    My sister told me they would come up again when I started stitching again. And they did! I'm not exactly sure how that happened, but it was such a relief to know I hadn't broken my fairly-new machine.

  22. I love the purse, the hexies are so cute! Sorry to hear about your machine woes - if its any use, my Janome was from John Lewis, was less than £200 and is fab :)

  23. oh lots of hugs to you!!! I understand your frustrations. If my machine decided to die on me then I would be in trouble! Your purse is lovely and I am sure your partner will be very pleased with it! xxxxx

  24. Sounds like you're having a nightmare. I really would suggest trying something before you buy, even if it means travelling a bit - where are you based?

  25. Am a bit late with the advice and see Sarah beat me to it. Most feed dogs don't come back up until the wheel is turned.
    Sorry you have been having such frustrations.

  26. Please don't cry!! My feed dogs don't come back up on their own, I kind of have to push the mechanism that lowers them to the left to pop them back up!! I have my mum's Janome and I love it! Basic but it works. Hope you get yours sorted :)
    The bag is gorgeous and I'd love to win :)

  27. I think you need to organise a trip up in my direction, and I will take you to Bambers ( you can look at them online) they have all the machines you could possibly want to play with, and we have room to keep you a day or two! I would never buy a machine I hadn't at least tried one of! they are very individual!
    But Bambers are great.Very helpful!

  28. Bugger on the machine front. Come over and play with mine. I'll make tea and biscuits too!

  29. I think you should be proud of your work!


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