Thursday, 26 July 2012

I've been like a snail about showing you my mail.

There has been no sewing here of late partly because of the scorching temperatures which have seduced me outside and partly because I've had a bit of a tummy bug over the last few days and there just hasn't seemed like enough quality hours in the day.  However, I realise I do have stuff to show you. All that mail that's been trickling here that might be of interest. Some of it arrived so long ago, I had to go back and check as to whether I had blogged about it or not.

Like these fun earrings from Poppys Pocket. If you've not already heard, Poppys Pocket is the Etsy shop of Judith's talented daughter.  I'm a sucker for jewellery of any kind and am not adverse to doing a bit of kitsch should the occasion call for it. And the occasion for these will be the annual girls only family holiday with Mum, my niece and of course me. I'm having the ice cream cornets and my niece will have the cupcakes. Only I'm not going to give them her until she arrives at the hotel. It will probably be we'll end up swapping through out the holiday, as we have been known to swap our jewellery before when we're away.

My bad for not sharing these cupcake lovelies with you when they arrived!

Don't you just love the stars?

Another purchase I've forgotten to share with you that arrived some time ago are some Moo Cards. I know everyone got these ready to go to the FQ retreat, but as I wasn't going I didn't see a whole lot of point. I'd ordered Moo Cards before for other projects, although I didn't really think I needed any craft advertising ones. Then Katy gave me that cute Teddy Bear Moo Card and I really felt I did need some of my own and it would save a rush purchase as I'm thinking about packing for next years retreat, eh!  

I opted for a mix of craft and photography and I had my details put on the back.

Should you have not purchased your own moo cards, and I can't believe there is anyone left, then you can get yours here! (With a 10% discount off of first time orders no less!)

For those of you more tempted by fabric, the bundle that I ordered from Jo, after Hadley gave me the heads up arrived on Tuesday. Given I'd only ordered it on Sunday (I think) this was super fast shipping and Jo even included some buttons and I can never have enough buttons. The card was a nice touch too.


The Flea Market Fancy bundle is to add to my stash. I already have most of these colourways, but it's my intention to use DS fabrics and this bundle in particular for my month in the hipBee's. Which is actually only a few months away so it doesn't hurt to get planning does it? I'm sure my fellow bee's won't mind using a spot of Denyse Schmidt. The new Laurie Wisbrun fabric is just begging to be made into a framed pouch I think.

On the same day this bundle arrived an order I'd made at Hancocks of Paducah arrived too.  I don't know why, but I like to say out loud 'Hancocks of Paducah'. I wish I could get away with telling random people that: Oh, I shop at Hancocks of Paducah.  I don't know why. I'm easily amused sometimes.  


I can't remember the price I paid for this but it was ridiculously cheap on some offer I read about. It's destined to become quilt backing sometime. 

So that pretty much sums up my fun mail over the last few weeks or so.  With a purse from the framed purse swap to arrive and a prize I won in a give away I'm due some more happy mail. But of course you can never have enough happy mail can you?  so I hope I have lots more fun surprises to share with you all soon!


  1. I do love the postman xx How much more fun would it be if we could find one that also paid for what comes through the letter box xx

  2. Yay for fun mail - Oh yes Hancocks Of Paducah is gagging to be said out loud!

  3. Can't wait to get sewing with your fabric. You are well prepared!! hope you're feeling better now x

  4. Fabulous mail all round there! And yes, love that shop name lol

  5. Nice mail! I will willingly sew with your DS fabric! Di x

  6. Lovely mail and god to hear you are already preparing for next year`s retreat!

  7. I want your mail! All I ever get is bills!
    I don't have moo cards so there you go someone who is slower then you...
    love the fabric!


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