Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Some Quiet Play

Having yesterday, hit upon turning my Farmers Wife Blocks into the high volume element in a low volume larger block, I was keen to get playing.  The first block I grabbed was one of the naturally low volume blocks. I trimmed it down to round about 6 inches then started playing with bits of fabric in a sort of scrappy log cabin design.  I am really pleased with how it turned out.

My first low volume with a hint of colour.  

I'm loving being able to use scraps of fabric treasures that might not have any sensible use elsewhere. It's also good to be able to use fabric with a history to me like the wonky stripes on the right hand side that are off cuts from when I made myself a reversible duvet cover many years ago.  There are bits of fabrics I've had as extra's in swaps and even a tiny piece of a vintage sheet I've had for years.

I get the feeling it'll take me a few blocks to really find my feet with this style of working, but I am really enjoying myself and even remembered I had some more scraps with low volume potential.


I've started on joining some more teeny tiny swatch squares together to potentially use in another block. It was only when I started joining them together I realised that some were a slightly different size to each other which meant I had fun joining all these.  


When Chief phoned (as he often does while he's travelling from one part of the country to the other) I bored him silly entertained him with news of my project and what I was doing.  His response was: 'Cool, sometimes I think you you think I'm a Doris, when you talk to me about this sort of stuff." (Doris being politically incorrect military slang for a person of the female persuasion.) 

Oh and if my Brit Quilt Swap partner is reading this and thinking - is she not going to get on with my quilt?! Well, yes I am, but I'd like to show you a couple of options and something I'm waiting on might be perfect for one option and I can't photograph it until it arrives. I'm not slacking honest!!


  1. Great use for your farmers wives :-)

  2. great idea for the blocks: they will look great

  3. You've got some beautiful fabric there.

  4. Your low volume blocks look fab :) I love the wonk on your tiny squares, that happens to me all the time ;)I had to laugh at 'Doris', lol

  5. Love the blocks. Chief and himself could chat and feel really sorry for themselves having to listen to us. But then that would not be a good idea!!

  6. I think this is going to be an awesome way to use your Farmer's Wife blocks.

  7. And she's off! Glad you found your inspiration Jan! Looking good so far..

  8. Sorry, but I think the term Doris is great, brings back happy memories of jobs I had long ago!
    The new blocks are looking great too x

  9. Your enjoyment of this is coming thro loud and clear - excellent.

  10. Your plan is working a treat. Nice block! Di x

  11. I always wondered why my (ex-Royal Navy) other half called me Doris! now I know - thanks for clearing that up :-)


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