Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sunday Stitchery and the Weekend that flew by.

I actually commented the other day how I'd like them to make Friday part of the weekend because I keep getting to Thursday and thinking it's really Friday and the weekend is much closer than it really is.  I could do with an extra day in the weekends (as I'm sure all of you could.) as they just seem to go by so quickly!

Yesterday I went to a Book Crossing meet up in Oxford.  We had lunch at the Mitre, chatted and then played a couple of rounds of the book swap game (far too complicated to explain.) which is lots of fun and a chance to maybe score a couple of books you'd have not thought of reading before. It was lovely to catch up with book crosser old and new.

Then today I was up ridiculously early because my Mum needed a lift for a day trip to the Isle of Wight. No I didn't have to drive her to the Isle of Wight - just down the road to get the coach.  I decided to take advantage of these extra few hours (and then a few more) to do some stitching.

First up I made the Summer Block for Bee Blessed.  Maybe it's because of my unfinished grudge quilt, but I rarely buy blue/white fabrics so I really had to scratch around in my stash and scraps to get the required colours in the amounts needed. This block was in theory easier than last months. However, whilst it came together in a flash, it came up short of the required 12.5" square so there was some cursing, muttering and reaching for the seam ripper and I'm still not happy with how this turned out.  Obviously sewing that early on a Sunday, when I'd normally be in bed is not my forte!  I may have to find out some more blue fabric and have another go.

Blue and White Block for Bee Blessed

My next project for the day was whipping up one of the sewing organisers by Judith.  You can buy a pattern here and it's a lovely beginners pattern and goes together a dream. Although my finishing is a little wonky due to my being tired (yep early mornings don't do it for me) and not wanting to risk using my walking foot which would have been ideal whilst stitching so many layers including some stretchy shifty linen.  

Oppsy I think I needed to iron that a bit first!

I decided to add some half inch hexie flowers on the cover and inside to give a little additional decoration. As I didn't want the velcro stitching to show on the front I changed the bit in the pattern about adding the second piece of velcro and opted to do it at the penultimate stage and then assembled the organiser.  Then I added a button to cover up a little pucker that I wouldn't had if I'd got my walking foot in action.  I decided it also needed some more buttons and then I remembered I'd meant to embroider some words on it. So I did this when it was finished - which (strangely) was probably easier than trying to do it before.

The inside has plenty of space for more stuff. I decided not to add the optional back pocket as I want to be able to keep a smaller square ruler in here. In fact can anyone recommend somewhere in the UK I can buy a 6.5" square ruler from online? I'm struggling to find one and with no LQS I'm going to have to buy online.

Umm it is not that wonky it's just the grass is not even so 
it's not sitting flat in the photo honest!!

 I'm delighted with how it turned out. And think you should all go and buy the pattern and make yourself one. 

Close up of some of the detailing. Ignore the really really bad top stitching please!

This is going to be perfect for storing all kinds of sewing stuff - especially whilst on the move.  


  1. Really pretty and very useful :-) love 'stuff' :-) Have you tried ebay for the ruler?

  2. Love the pouch and those hexies must be tiny! Like the block too, though it is a shame it isn't 12.5".

  3. Hubs saw the picture of the organiser and said "you need one of those, why don't you buy the pattern?"! It's lovely, well done. The block looks fab too, maybe you could keep it for yourself?

  4. The organiser looks great as does your block. I don't get on with morning sewing either! I'm far more productive late afternoon/evening.

  5. Your sewing organizer is beautiful!

  6. Oh the joy of early mornings!
    Love the pouch and the block looks lovely even if it is too small :(

  7. Don't you just hate it when things go astray when you have 'extra'time. Te sewing organised looks lovely. Now I could get side tracked into making one too! Di x

  8. Love your organiser pouch - the hexies are beautiful and really personalise this for you. Your Bee Blessed block looks fab in spite of the sizing issues.

  9. Well done you on the organiser, bugger on the block! Creative Grids do good non-slip rules in a variety of sizes, including 6.5"

  10. Wow! Jan these are both fabulous! What a gorgeous travel pouch you've made - love the hexie and button decorations! And the bee block is brilliant. Don't worry about it not being exactly 12.5" We can work it in. Thank you, thank you! Jxo

  11. Love the organizer! I get all of my rulers from Creative Grids too - really clear markings, non-slip, loads of sizes.

  12. i love this pouch - i have made one for the ipad and for embrioery hoops and for sewing stuff - they are great!!

  13. I love your 'stuff' pouch - the hexies and embroidery look fabulous! Have you tried Quilt Direct for a ruler?
    I'm not one for morning sewing either and I can't use the machine after about 6pm - I'd lose a finger ;o)


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