Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The other side to pretending I'm in a Bee!

After the tummy bug of last week I've had another infection over the weekend - either related or as as result of being run down. It's completely wiped me out.  For a while yesterday we wondered if we it was mumps.  My neck was so swollen and my chin had virtually disappeared into the swelling making me look like I had about 20 chins.  It was painful to touch the swollen area and it was uncomfortable to swallow. As for being tired. Well, if the Olympics had a sleeping event then I'd surely get a Gold for Team GB.

So in amidst of all the misery of yesterday having these fab blocks turn up from Judith was a real highlight.

IMG_5062 IMG_5063 

 If you read this post you'll know I have been doing a little swap with Fiona for low volume blocks. It gave me a chance to pretend I was in Brit Bee.  When Judith heard about what Fiona and I were doing she offered to make me some blocks too in exchange for blocks for Bee Blessed.  I have really enjoyed making the blocks for Bee Blessed over the last few months.  I only wish I'd had the confidence to join in sooner.  If you haven't got involved, maybe because you're too nervous, I really urge you to have a go.  Each month details are posted of the block of the month.  A link to the instructions on how to make the block are always posted along with any special requirements like if there is a colour request.  You use fabrics from your stash so you don't have the added fear of messing up with someone else's fabrics. These blocks then get turned into quilts that go to people that really are in need of some quilty TLC.

If you've not been involved with a Bee you've not experienced the pleasure at seeing fabric you've sent out become a wonderful block. Each of us approaches a bundle of fabric in a completely different way.  It means you get blocks back that are realised in ways you may not have thought of. Bringing a new perspective to the finished quilt.  It was both strange (in a good way) and wonderful to see these blocks appear in Judith's Flickr stream as I recognised the fabrics I'd sent and they were used so imaginatively.  

Thank you so much Jude. They're going to be fabulous additions to my low volume quilt.  As for me I think I must be due another sleep.  


  1. Lovely blocks :) Sorry to hear that you're feeling crappy. There must be something in the air! Hope you soon feel better :)

  2. Aw, dude! I'm so sorry you're a bit shit. But loving those blocks! I saw Fiona's at the weekend and they are going to make an FABULOUS quilt.

  3. Lovely blocks. I really hope that you begin to feel better soon. Di x

  4. sorry to hear you have been feeling unwell, hope you are feeling better.

  5. Looks like a great trade there :o) Now I hope you feel better soon, 20 chins does not sound like a good look for you ;o)

  6. So sorry you're still feeling poorly. Hope it's just something that will pass quickly.

  7. I hope you feel better soon xx
    P.S. I love your blocks from Jude!

  8. Take care of yourself and get better.

    Sounds a bit like an allergic reaction to something.


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