Saturday, 7 July 2012

When Rain Doesn't Stop Play!

This weekend I have a completely free weekend.  Nothing in the diary whatsoever.  I decided yesterday when the forecast was wall to wall rain, I'd keep things that way and just stay at home and do stuff. Stuff like sewing.

I started off with another attempt a the Bee Blessed block for July. What can I say. I can't sew straight lines. It's come out under 12.5". Not as bad as my first attempt (before I took the seam ripper to it) but I've definitely lost a few fractions of an inch somewhere along the line. Not consistently. I can only assume I don't sew straight. Oh and my machine did not like the patterned fabric. If I went anywhere near the edge (ie starting and finishing.) my machine liked to eat the fabric.  Not sure what that was all about.  I can't remember what the blue fabric is. I won some strips of it in a swap, which I was pleased about because despite seeing it in shops when it was released I didn't buy any.

Maybe I just need to keep making until one comes out right. 
If none do I may get a quilts worth of wonky blocks in the attempt?

It was as I was finishing this block I realised I was hungry-bordering-on-the-grumpy. So after eating I decided to do a bit of housework.  Not enough to get in the way of anything fun. Just enough to stop my fabric adventures encroaching too much in the living room.  I started to wish I could get that little corner in my dining room set up to be a proper sewing area.  But it just tends to attract stuff I have no home for else where. Like unfinished quilts. Or my Hope Valley Colour Brick quilt to be precise. You know the one I put on the finish-a-long and didn't finish because my machine/walking foot decided to not play ball and the quilting looked pretty bad?

I only had strips of binding to join and sew on, but without a walking foot even that worried me.  Today I just thought lets do it! I didn't bother with my walking foot I used my regular foot. And as soon as it came to attaching the binding to the quilt my machine started doing those teeny tiny stitches it sometimes does when I use my walking foot. I really don't know what causes this. It seemed to feed the layers of fabric fine and I tried going fast and snail pace slow to see if this was the issue, but it still decided I needed about a zillion stitches per inch. At least the binding won't go anywhere I guess!!  I then spent about an hour and a half in front of the TV hand stitching it on the back. The quilt just needs a wash and a label. The quilting is nothing to be proud of; nor does it bare close inspection. However, it might look a bit better after a wash and crinkle.  The quilt is for me I'm sure I'll enjoy it anyway. And at least it is finished.

Hope Valley Colour Brick Finished! 

Everywhere was so wet out side I knew I'd not get a decent picture. I'll have to save that for another day.

Whilst I was doing my bit of fabric-mess-in-the-living-room sorting, I found some linen I'd cut out to become another framed purse.  I've just added a few Liberty Hexies. I can't remember the size. 3/4" I suspect.  

Essex Linen in Sand and some Liberty Hexies

It co-ordinates better with the pincushion I made yesterday so maybe my partner would prefer this? I'd sort of put this to one side as I'd always planned to put these sized hexies on it, but as there are several pouches in the swap with hexie designs I'd not progressed with it any further.  

So rain has enhanced my play today. How about you though? Has rain aided your fabric play this weekend so far?


  1. Your bee block looks fine from here. I just did my two this evening (will blog about it when I get sunshine for a photo), and I had a similar problem, I seemed unable to measure 2.5 inches and it's a bit narrow, even with the smallest seams I could manage!

  2. What a lovely sewing filled weekend! I've had no fabric adventures this weekend, having been wall to wall events and work. Even now I'm working when I should be at home making a modern art inspired quilted objet for tomorrow's LMQG meet!

    Well, when I say I'm working, I mean I'm finding things to do to avoid working... perhaps I should just go home and sew! :-)

  3. Yay for finally finish HV! I spent today wandering round Borough Market, serious foodies paradise! Then I had a nap because I'd got the train down a 4:26 am and hadn't really slept last night or on the train *yawn* Tomorrow I will be serenading the audience at the Albert Hall, but I'll be taking my EPP with me to keep me busy during the boring bits ;o)

  4. About that non-cooperative stitching thingo with your machine ... Have you checked the top tension? The tension gadgetry might be a bit worn so that when you adjust things they do not work out properly. I had a similar problem and that was the cause in my case. This may possibly help you.
    Any quilt that is finished is a good quilt.
    Love the linen purse piece.

  5. Your bee block looks lovely and I'm sure that Judith and her ladies can use it in their quilt as it's beautiful! I love your HV quilt and am looking forward to seeing the 'decent' photo! And the Liberty hexy pouch is splendid - your lucky partner is spoilt for choice! I spent some time in my sewing room today (with Dermot for company) and have finished some foundation piecing that I've spent weeks doing - yeah!
    P.S. I don't know what the orange peel shape (don't know how else to describe it!) blue fabric is but it's on the back of my BQS cushion (from Kelly) in a different colour, I hadn't realised it came in different colours!

  6. So glad you got the HV finished!
    Sitting in the car, in the rain, sewing, not my ideal day!

  7. Perfect sewing day. I think that HV is one of my favourite fabric lines so I will look forward to the big reveal! Your liberty hexies are fab. Di x

  8. Well done on another fab bee block! Love it. If your machine likes to 'eat' your fabric when you start to sew it, try using thread savers (start sewing halfway through a scrap of doubled fabric then chain piece straight into your normal fabric). That should sort the hunger pains! Lovely hexies btw, and well done on persevering with colour brick. Jxo

  9. Wow, busy day! It all looks fab. So glad you finally finished your HV quilt :-)

  10. I love your bee block! And your hope valley quilt is totally gorgeous looking! I love that fabric so much. good job on all of your work! xx

  11. sounds like a perfect sewing day to me. Looking forward to the full reveal of the HV quilt

  12. The hexies are beautiful and yay for you persevering and finishing the quilt despite the machine problems. Tick that box!!

  13. All looks great to me! Especially loving the new purse! I am not sure who is more addicted - you or me!?

    Hope you get the photo so you can share your quilt with us!


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